Define recurring processes

Define workflows by the help of ticket sequences with individual forms in order to make your standard processes fast and effective.

  • The initial ticket starts the workflow, e.g. the setup of a working place for a new employee.
  • Tickets with defined due dates are automatically created and addressed to the affected groups and employees, e.g. order of a PC, telephone or preparation of the working place.
  • If one task is done, a message regarding the next activity is created, e.g. setup of email account.
  • The workflow´s initiator is always up to date and is in a position to monitor the due dates.
  • Thus the responsible person is able to react and adapt the process.
  • Every change within the process causes a recalculation for all start and closing times of tasks.

HEINZELMANN Workflow makes your recurring and ITIL conform processes more transparent and efficient in the long run.

By means of the definition of a critical path, you are always in control of adhering to closing dates.
You realize very fast if unexpected errors occur and you are in a position to react properly – as you have the full overview if process changes affect to the due date.
Reports assist you in evaluating the run of a workflow and to integrate needed changes into the process.

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