Simplified reporting of reoccurring problems

Additional module: Master

Frequently used ticket masters

A message such as “Printer does not print” can be pre-described, categorized and assigned to the correct group or special supporter. Documents, devices (e.g. with Asset.Desk coupling) and information can be added as with a normal ticket. In conjunction with the FORMULAR module, you can also store standardized queries in a template ticket.

Proactive reminder of reoccurring tasks and appointments

Automatically create reoccurring tasks, such as a daily backup tape change, from a ticket master on a scheduled basis. Periodically recurring appointments can be controlled as tasks for any group or individual user via template tickets. A service automatically activates one-time or periodically created reminders in the form of a ticket. Depending on the task and specifications, this can then be edited, closed or set to completed once the task has been completed.

Are you interested in our HEINZELMANN?

The price for our HEINZELMANN solution depends on the supporters/employees who process your tickets. HEINZELMANN costs only 995€ in the initial version with three supporter licenses. Contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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