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Functional, flexible
and process-oriented

Basic license for three supporters from

€ 995.00*

*one-time license price plus VAT

HEINZELMANN is licensed per supporter.
The basic package includes three supporter licenses and the software.
Further Supporter will be licensed in steps of two. The number of users is unlimited.
Made in Germany.

The HEINZELMANN App for Android and iOS is free for HEINZELMANN customers!

Do you need support?

With the HEINZELMANN Service Agreement you will receive
free updates for 12 months (starting with the purchase of the HEINZELMANN license).

Including hotline support: Monday – Friday / 9:00 – 17:00

Additional modules

You can start immediately with HEINZELMANN.
However, if you want more features, the following additional modules can be purchased separately:


Basic license from


Automatically generates a ticket in the service desk from an electronic inbox. Processing can also be carried out by e-mail.


Basic license from


Frequently incoming messages of the same origin and standardized requests can be provided as templates.


Basic license from


Connects the Service Desk with directory services. Users no longer have to remember separate passwords and logins.


Basic license from


Recurring processes or standard processes can be defined and then run automatically and activity-controlled.


Basic license from


Enables the creation of forms with individual fields. Tickets can be completed with individual fields.


Basic license from


Connection of the telephone system to the helpdesk. You can see immediately which contact is on the phone and which tickets are open for him or her or his or her organization.


Basic license from


Expands your helpdesk into a service management tool. Lay the foundation for ITIL-compliant work and comprehensive evaluations of your services.


Basic license from


Provides a convenient overview of resource, task and schedule planning as well as device reservations (in conjunction with Asset.Desk)


Basic license from


Allows a comprehensive and individual evaluation of your helpdesk and service management based on all database tables.



Basic license from


Enables you to map requests within a project. Combines project-related tickets and allows the maintenance and administration of projects as well as the control of project costs.


Basic license from


Enables the integration of ticket masks into an existing website and allows us to process the generated tickets directly in the HEINZELMANN. 


Basic license from


Makes agile management of projects and plans possible by using the modern Scrum approach.


Price on request

Connects your helpdesk with your IT infrastructure. The managed devices in Asset.Desk can be used as a reference for tickets.

Small advice!

Most-sold HEINZELMANN module combinations:







Frequently asked questions:


If you register on our HEINZELMANN demo page you will get access to a preconfigured online test version of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk free of charge. Here you have access to many functions of the software to get a first impression. More information can be found in the info text on the demo page.

>> Test free of charge

If you like the short online demo of our HEINZELMANN you can contact us at any time and get your own test environment, including your own data. However, since this is an individual customization, we kindly ask you to contact our sales department.

The online demo of our HEINZELMANN with preconfigured data is always available for you on our download page.

However, if you are interested in testing the Service.Desk centrally in your company, including your data, it is of course possible to set up a dedicated test version for you on a server at our company or directly in your company.

Since this is an individual customization, we would ask you to contact our Sales department if you are interested.

We are always happy to offer you free or in-depth support from our HEINZELMANN professionals. Everything is possible, from installation support to general topics up to accompanied testing (POC) in your company.

Please contact our sales department if you are interested.

If you wish to purchase the HEINZELMANN after the test phase, your data and configuration can be retained and used by you further. In this case you simply activate the installation with the license file.
Alternatively you can of course set up a new instance, according to your requirements.


We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer for the module combination you require and the size of your license. For this purpose, we will be happy to hold a short consultation with you.

Please contact our sales department.

The HEINZELMANN Service.Desk license is purchased once in the current major version. There are no running costs for the time being.
Optionally we offer support contracts, which run for 12 months each and are self-renewing (if you do not notify us before expiration).

The HEINZELMANN has a modular design. Everything beyond the basic function, such as the workflow module (see: additional modules) can be purchased separately at any time. The modular extension of a HEINZELMANN license requires only a few clicks.

The modules are licensed separately and charged at the respective price.

If you have concluded a Service Agreement / Support Contract with us, this amount will be increased proportionally.

The licensing model is based on named user licenses per supporter and module licenses.

  • HEINZELMANN is licensed according to Named-User-Licenses, i.e. according to the number of supporters working with it.
  • The basic package consists of the software without additional modules, the HEINZELMANN service and a license for three supporters.

You need more than three supporter licenses?

  • No problem. HEINZELMANN Service Desk is licensed in odd steps. You can always add as many license packages for two additional supporters each as you need.


The basic HEINZELMANN is already available for three supporters for €995,00 plus VAT.

There are also the module licenses for the additional modules (e.g. LDAP, E-MAIL, MASTER, WORKFLOW…).

For more information please contact our sales department.

Users who do not process requests or other tickets of third parties can be created in HEINZELMANN free of charge. You do not need any software licenses for this.

  • FCS offers special discounts for certain industries and organizations, e.g. for educational institutions and IT companies.
  • Combination discounts with other FCS software products (e.g. with Asset.Desk) are also possible.

Whether and how you too can benefit, you can find out from our sales department.

Determine how many new people should process tickets. Then contact our support team to request a quote.

The HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is licensed in odd steps. You can always add as many license packages for two additional supporters as you need. At certain thresholds licensed modules may also have to be re-licensed.

Our IT Management Solutions team is happy to assist you.
>> Contact

Service Agreement / Support

We always offer you the conclusion of the Service Agreement / Support Contract when you receive a quotation for HEINZELMANN licenses.
If you want to conclude a Service Agreement at a later date, this is possible at any time under the then valid conditions. Please contact our sales department.

HEINZELMANN Service Agreement offers you:

  • Hotline support with personal contact persons without waiting loops and auto responders
  • Access to our Support-HEINZELMANN for all employees of your company who are authorized by you to communicate with our support
  • Access to the FCS.Desk Knowledge Base
  • Free upgrade licenses for new main versions of HEINZELMANN Service.Desk

Yes, HEINZELMANN can of course also be purchased without signing a Service Agreement / Support Contract.

The Service Agreement is concluded for 12 months and is extended for a further 12 months if you do not wish to cancel it.
You can cancel the Service Agreement at any time up to the last cancellation period of three months before the end of the term.
For example, if your Service Agreement runs until 31.12. of the year, you can terminate it during the first nine months, but no later than 30.09.

Use: On-Premises or SaaS

Full control: If you choose the on-premise variant, the software is operated on your own responsibility on the company’s own hardware. The control is solely in your company.
Unrestricted access: Access to required data is possible regardless of the Internet connection. Of course you can use HEINZELMANN in your intranet.
Data protection: Sensitive company data therefore remain in your company and are subject to your own security standards.

There are only license costs. The high degree of individualization of HEINZELMANN Service.Desk saves you budget for customizing by the software manufacturer.

For example, you can use more than one incoming e-mail address for inquiries.

Please subscribe to our FCS Newsletter to stay informed about regular updates. You will also find all updates under News on our FCS News page.

If the decision is made in favour of the SaaS variant in the cloud, your data will be hosted by our partner Noris Network AG, certified according to ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz, and you will receive the solution as a service.

Your advantages are obvious:

  • Cost reduction: Cost reduction: FCS is responsible for maintenance and operation and is billed at a monthly flat rate.
    You do not need to maintain servers and storage space. Your administrators can concentrate on their main activities.
  • Spatial independence: To use software from the cloud, all you need is a functioning Internet access, a web browser and a corresponding terminal device. This allows you to access HEINZELMANN from any location.
  • Data protection: We guarantee the highest standards of data protection. Backup copies and storage at different locations ensure the highest level of security. In addition, Noris Network offers the greatest possible protection for your systems through its multi-level IT security protection wall.

If you are a small team responsible for the Service.Desk –> We recommend HEINZELMANN as a service!

General information

Contact = Contact person or opener of a ticket; if the HEINZELMANN is primarily used for telephone support or via e-mail inbox interface, the person reporting / sending is usually the contact of a ticket.

User = User with login for the HEINZELMANN. Usually a user account is linked to a contact.
A user can log in to HEINZELMANN with his access data and use its functions (e.g. create tickets, view, edit and close his own tickets) according to the permissions given to him.

Supporter = User with editing rights for tickets of other contacts.

Before a product is released, it has been extensively tested for security gaps in numerous internal audits. This enables us to guarantee that customer and company data is fully protected at all times.

With the additional module LDAP the HEINZELMANN can be networked with various directory services, so it is not necessary to remember separate passwords. Therefore, they do not have to be stored externally and are therefore better protected.

Yes, HEINZELMANN Service.Desk can be used in accordance with ITIL as well as configured for the ISIS12 standard.

However, additional modules such as ITIL Service, MASTER or WORKFLOW are required for this.

We are happy to consult you.
Please contact our sales department.

The HEINZELMANN Service Desk is what you need from it – a trouble ticketing, ITSM or full service management platform.

  • Ticket system / Helpdesk for error processing
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) for
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change Management
    • Release Management
    • and counting
  • Full-Service-Management
    • Facility Management
    • Customer Care
    • Human Resources
    • and further services

In order that HEINZELMANN can be ideally configured for your requirements, we have designed it modular. We would be pleased to discuss your tasks with you and recommend the ideal HEINZELMANN configuration for your company.

And the best thing is: If your requirements grow over time, your HEINZELMANN simply grows with them…

As a town, for example, have you ever thought of a citizens’ praise?

The HEINZELMANN Service Desk is usually installed and ready for use within 20 minutes on a prepared web server.
The configuration of the settings, the establishment of user groups and categories as well as other administrative activities that serve to prepare the system depend on your requirements profile.
But: We have not yet experienced a HEINZELMANN project in which everything was not prepared for the start within one week.

  • High flexibility
  • Individual group concept
  • Mapping of different support and service processes
  • Tool adapts to your company
  • contact person on site
  • „Software made in Germany“
  • On Premises or SaaS


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