Additional Modules


Comfortable overview of your planning of resources

A calendar module can be added to HEINZELMANN, which shows a grafical overview for all open tickets and their due-date.

Furthermore the module visualizes the escalation level for all tickets. If you click on the entry in the calendar you can directly work with the ticket, if you have the right for that.

Tasks stay transparent in every view (day, week, month). In addition to the calendar views a total overview helps to evaluate the helpdesk´s and supporters´workload.

Appointments and due-dates can be created and shown for certain users or user groups. Recurring tasks that take a whole day can be visualized the same way.

A distinction between public and private tasks is also helpful for the own time management of the single supporters.

Thus HEINZELMANN calendar offers a possibility to plan the helpdesk´s and supporter´s ressources. If you wish, the calendar can be used by all users. By the help of a HEINZELMANN group right you can define which user groups are allowed to use the calendar.

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