Reservation & Lending

Reserving and lending rooms and assets

With Asset.Desk, reserving and borrowing rooms and assets is fast and easy.

Reserva is required for.

Reserva is a web-based and intuitive reservation portal and lending system that runs in any common browser. Employees in the company or even external customers can use it to independently reserve and borrow objects/resources that are available for loan in the company. It doesn’t matter whether it’s laptops, beamers, flipcharts, cameras or cars. Rooms can also be reserved with Reserva. The system offers a REST-based API for integration with third-party systems. Reserva thus makes reserving and renting simple, traceable and efficient.

Highlight functions of Reserva:

  • Independent reservation / lending of rooms and resources
  • Consideration of time restrictions
  • Intelligent time management
  • Interactive calendar
  • Integrated approval process
  • Flexible suggestion of alternatives
  • Active Directory connection – use of the Windows Logon
  • Web-based in modern design
  • Runs in any popular browser, whether on PC or smartphone
  • Open REST interface to inventory programs, such as Asset.Desk

End-to-end process with Asset.Desk:

Asset.Desk is fully integrated with Reserva via the API interface and provides the benchmark in terms of API integration with inventory solutions. Approved objects and rooms are passed to Reserva via this API, as well as the primary and secondary properties (attributes) per object and room type to be displayed. Conversely, the (approved) reservations can be retrieved via the API to then perform the actual physical transfer and return in Asset.Desk.

In a nutshell, Asset.Desk is where you can make settings, set properties, approve assets and rooms, and always get the full picture. Reserva itself is then where the actual reservation process takes place.

So feed Reserva with the data from Asset.Desk.

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