The Asset.Desk LicenseMaster Edition offers you a holistic software asset and license management solution that covers all common license models and metrics. The edition optimally prepares you for license audits and effectively protects you from over- or under-licensing.

  • Measuring software usage with the optional Application Metering module in conjunction with the Scanning Agent Windows simplifies the optimization of license costs.
  • Contract management for licenses as well as online retrieval of the main catalog products requiring licenses can be easily implemented with the online software catalog if desired.
  • The Asset.Desk LicenseMaster Edition enables you to manage and control all software licenses in use by device and employee. You receive a meaningful license balance with access to every license usage.

Range of functions

License balance

The license balance as a central license management dashboard in Asset.Desk gives you a complete overview of the assigned licenses at any time and shows you where no license has been assigned yet and whether there are still enough free licenses available. Software over- or under-licensing is thus a thing of the past in your company. The system makes it possible to allocate purchased licenses to individual devices, users, or even processors in a highly automated way. Additionally, licenses can always be assigned manually. All essential license models (single, volume or company license, CAL, OEM, data center, and many more) are mapped. Upgrade and downgrade rights, the metrics of the software (e.g. computer or named user) as well as properties such as test license, backup license, bundle license, or licenses with second use rights can be set in the license. As an option, Asset.Desk LicenseMaster Edition can be used to manage virtualized environments, cloud environments (Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Workspace), office IT, and data centers.

License Agreements

For each license entry, you manage all contract information important for a license audit. You will receive the exact terms,
contract conditions as well as information about which contract a license has been obtained. Whether a license is valid is automatically checked over the contract period. The resubmission function keeps you informed about the license expiration and cancellation period. Contract relations allow the management of framework agreements.

Master data management

With LicenseMaster Edition, licenses can be managed by region and precisely assigned to locations, departments, or employees.

Online software catalog (optional)

With the central software catalog, we offer you always up-to-date information on the most important catalog products requiring licenses, including the recognition rules for online retrieval from Asset.Desk. These include the Adobe and Microsoft Office products. You do not need to manually build up your own software catalog or create all recognition rules for catalog products. License models and metrics are determined automatically and requirements are calculated. We take over the central maintenance of the catalog products for you.

Application Metering (optional)

Enables undreamt-of savings potentials. Measured data gives you information about which software applications are really used and therefore needed in your company. You receive comprehensive reports and graphical history displays to enable you to license in a targeted manner. Software usage via terminal clients is also recorded and included in the analyses.

Cloud scanner for software subscriptions (optional)

With the Cloud Scanner, you can retrieve your purchased license plans, software products, SKUs, and licensed user accounts from Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Workspace. You always see the current status of your software subscriptions with the number of purchased, free, and assigned licenses directly in Asset.Desk. Licensed user accounts allow License Management to automatically assign catalogs and licenses for software subscriptions to employees in Asset.Desk. Newly licensed users are automatically provided with catalog and license, and for deleted user accounts in the cloud, the catalog and license are removed from the employees in Asset.Desk. This way, the licenses of your software subscriptions in the cloud are always exactly reflected in the license balance of Asset.Desk.

Possible additions

Uncomplicated inventory

Comprehensive identification of assets through individual inventory number ranges as well as barcode printing or RFID coding enable seamless inventory management of all IT assets and furniture.

Commercial data – cost analysis and overview of commercial data

This module provides you with a commercial overview of your IT assets – whether purchased, rented, leased, or already written off and disposed of. The “object book” function allows you to record all costs that can be assigned to a device, a software license, a piece of furniture, or an employee. With Asset.Desk, costs such as repair, service, and other costs can be managed and evaluated according to the cost center. In IT Asset Management, software license costs, among other things, can be automatically allocated to the cost centers on a pro-rata basis. All reports and cost analyses can be exported, directly printed, or automatically used as reports. In this way, you create the basis for detailed activity allocation to cost centers and company codes (clients).

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