FCS product overview

IT Management Solutions

The FCS Desk Suite offers an all-around tool for your IT management and the IT security in your company. Convince yourself of our intuitive to use and highly professional solutions!

Products for your IT Management:


Asset.desk can be much more than a classic tool for IT scanning, inventory and asset management. It combines technical, organizational as well as security-relevant, and commercial information on all company values in one system. Simultaneously, it has a modular structure to adapt to the current requirements of a company and can be easily expanded at any time if requirements change.

The basis for organized asset management is the inventory of all hardware and software data available in the company, whether physical, virtual, mobile or in the cloud, as well as all other assets. Accompany your assets over the entire lifecycle, map licenses, and contracts in Asset.Desk and supplement them with information such as “risk class”, “protection status” or “DSGVO relevance”.


The HEINZELMANN Service Desk is what you need from it, which supports you in documenting and organizing the processing of e.g. error messages, inquiries, problems, or requirements within the company or from external customers. It is also suitable for all kinds of tasks that have to be processed, decided, and completed in a defined process.
Regardless of whether you are looking for pure trouble ticketing, help desk software, customer service software, issue tracking software, ITSM tool, or even full-service-management, HEINZELMANN’s modular structure allows it to adapt individually to the needs and service processes of your company.


Reserva is a web-based reservation/borrow system. It runs in any standard browser, is intuitive, and has a user-friendly interface. With Reserva, employees in the company or external customers can independently reserve and then borrow items/resources that are available for loan within the company. It makes no difference whether these are laptops, projectors, flip charts, cameras, or cars. Rooms can also be reserved with Reserva. Reserva also offers many other functions, such as the consideration of time restrictions, intelligent time management, an interactive calendar, optional approval processes, or an Active Directory connection.

Simultaneously, Reserva is a portal for everyone, whether a medium-sized company, corporate group, or public administration. And best of all: Reserva offers maximum flexibility! With the open REST interface, Reserva can be connected to any inventory database (but it works best with Asset.Desk!)


Install.Desk (deployment solution) helps you automate software installations and updates on Windows computers without disrupting operations – all from a central console. You can determine the execution time of the installation jobs yourself – either immediately after assignment of the installation job, at a specific time, or after restarting the target clients. Failed jobs can be repeated at any time if desired. The extensive history and scanning functions make it easy to control distribution success.

Products for your IT Security


The USB and endpoint security solution Security.Desk helps to permanently secure external hardware interfaces, monitors mobile memory and Internet protocols, and helps you to successfully close security gaps. In doing so, it goes far beyond the possibilities of add-ons of common virus protection solutions or onboard equipment of the manufacturers. For example, you can define exactly which users are allowed to transfer which files to and from removable media and which file types are not allowed (e.g. exe files). All file movements can also be logged.

The central control panel of the management console makes it possible to set all rights for the use of mobile storage and interfaces from the administrator’s workstation and to evaluate warning messages or reports.

Security.Desk can be coupled with the Active Directory to assign rights based on OUs, groups, or individual users.

Dr. Falks Store O’Crypt

FCS offers a USB stick which encrypts your data „on board“ and thus only allows access to them after successful authentication. If a Store O´Crypt gets lost, your data cannot be read by someone without authorization. With that in mind, our stick makes it easy to transport sensitive company data, like plans, presentations, and company figures, worry-free.

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