Our products for your IT management

The FCS Desk Suite offers an all-around tool for your IT management and the IT security in your company. Convince yourself of our intuitive to use and highly professional solutions!

Products for your IT Management


Asset.Desk supports your companywide management of hardware and software. It takes over the whole lifecycle management of your IT resources and offers you best standards for the management of technical, organisational and commercial information of your assets in one system. Only a few steps are needed to install and use the program in your company. This way, Asset.Desk helps you saving costs twice. Furthermore, the modular structure guarantees a perfectly adjusted product – you only have to pay for functions you really need!


With Install.Desk FCS provides a product, which is easy to learn and offers a solid software deployment system. Distribution orders can be allocated to single PCs or computer groups using drag  & drop. Build individual installation packages – quick and uncomplicated!

Install.Desk OSIS

Install.Desk OSIS deploys all popular Windows OS versions to your PC and server systems. Thanks to the well-arranged web frontend, you can get access to your OSIS from anywhere you want. Because of an intuitively designed interface, the handling of OSIS is easy to learn. A dashboard informs you about all relevant settings, current activities of the systems, such as used resources, and full system capacity at a glance.


Our ticket service HEINZELMANN is a web application and therefore very flexible in usage. It is suitable for small and medium-sized companies as well as external service providers and public administrations. The base software can be expanded by numerous additional modules, so that you can choose your own, individually adjusted helpdesk solution!

Products for your IT Security


Security.Desk protects your company’s computers against illegal use of present hardware interfaces. You can get detailed information about the usage of external storage devices and ports per user and computer, for example. Consequentially, you are able to stop intruders from stealing data, like copying dangerous files from removable storage devices onto a PC, and therefore prevent the loss of important company data.

Dr. Falks Store O’Crypt

FCS offers an USB stick which encrypts your data „on board“ and thus only allows access to them after a successful authentication. If a Store O´Crypt gets lost, your data cannot be read by someone without authorization. With that in mind, our stick makes it easy to transport sensitive company data, like plans, presentations and company figures, worry-free.

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