What’s new in Security.Desk 7?

The USB and endpoint security solution Security.Desk 7 offers significant new features in operating system and security, proactive reporting and user management.
The connection to the Active Directory for easier management of access rights to hardware interfaces in individual company areas, Single Sign-On and the extension of security rights offer an all-round solution to secure even large company structures.

Security.Desk sets new standards for endpoint security solutions!


Operating system and safety

Security.Desk now displays complete data on the client operating system (version, release, build number, service pack, etc.). The new standard report for operating systems allows individual search criteria and filters. So you can easily identify which OS versions are in use where and have a solid basis for homogenizing your OS landscape.

The new version of Security.Desk records the options with which the Windows Update is activated for each device. The registered Windows Update Server is displayed and can also be evaluated and filtered in a detailed report.

Thus, you have an overview of the Windows Auto Update settings of all clients and can correct incorrect settings on this basis to create uniform security standards.


Proactive Reporting

This and all other standard reports can be flexibly adapted to your needs with just a few clicks and saved as templates for time-controlled dispatch by e-mail. If you originally had to export reports in an additional step, they can now be sent periodically by e-mail to one or more recipients without an intermediate step.


User management

Security.Desk 7 receives role-specific user management. In addition, a large number of individual rights to functions in the management console have been introduced, e.g. the right to install Client Services or the right to access certain groups in the tree.


Large company?

The new Security.Desk Enterprise Edition: import OUs and groups, assign clients automatically, assign access rights by units and log on with Single Sign On

 With the Enterprise Edition Security.Desk is directly connected to the Active Directory.

Different profiles for the transfer of OUs and groups from the Active Directory can be defined easily and conveniently. Time control allows a periodic comparison of the Active Directory with Security.Desk. New clients are automatically assigned to the appropriate profile (e.g. a location or a department). From the OU structure in the Active Directory, the system optionally creates groups in the manager tree.

The coupling with the Active Directory enables the Single Sign-On for Security Desk Admins and facilitates not only the assignment of rights on an AD basis but also the faster retrieval of certain groups and OUs in the Active Directory. The access rules via interfaces on PCs and/or thin clients in complex company structures can thus be managed much more effectively centrally and decentrally.

As your business expands, so does your security need – Security Desk 7 is your most reliable software when it comes to endpoint security!



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