The main version Security.Desk 6.0 offers new screens and updated control elements, more comfort and important new functions for entries in the white list and with RDP and Citrix. In addition, the Security Service's kernel drivers have been revised, re-signed and brought up to the latest state of the art.

You can now download Security.Desk 6.0 from our Download Area .


In detail, we have developed the following innovations for you:


White list

  • Mobile storage can now only be released via the white list for a specific time interval (from / to) or only after a specific point in time
  • The file log (including checking for file types) can now be explicitly switched on or off for mobile storage in the white list. If you turn it off, the file transfer of this device will not be recorded. In addition, prohibited file types are then not prevented on this device
  • White list entries can be (temporarily) deactivated
  • In the options in the manager, the white lists for devices can now also be grouped and sorted. A full-text search is also possible
  • Entries in the white list can now be conveniently transferred from one list to another using an intermediate insert (cut, copy, paste) – without a lot of typing



  • The black list of file types for mobile storage is now fully supported on thin clients for RDP and Citrix


Other novelties

  • The tray window on the client (bottom right) now also always shows the version of the security service
  • All kernel drivers and the security service have been revised, versioned and re-signed (cross certificate for Windows 10)
  • Revised screens and updated controls


FCS customers with a Security.Desk support contract can install Security.Desk 6.0 in our Download Area download now for free.
You don't have a support contract and would like to purchase the Securtiy.Desk version 6.0?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you:

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We wish you a lot of efficiency, success and joy with our new endpoint solution Security.Desk 6.0!

Your FCS team


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