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Mobile Inventory Edition

You want to prove where your inventory is placed, or if it is still complete? Do you want to capture assets directly at your receiving area? You need the Mobile Inventory Edition!

The modern, REST-based O-Data gateway connects the Asset.Desk Mobile + app to the Asset.Desk database. Depending on your corporate culture and security standards, you can choose to use the version for Android, iOS or Windows10.

Mobile + supports all essential processes of mobile IT asset management, from initial capture to inventory control to disposal. Fetching up-to-date asset information in the field or taking photos of buildings, rooms, assets and employees is no problem for the app. The data is usually transmitted directly online. But there are also extensive offline logics available. To increase efficiency, the app supports barcode scanning as well as the identification of IT devices and furniture via RFID. Experience ITAM 4.0!

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