Digitization of reservation and lending processes

Reservation systems/loan systems help companies, administrations, and organizations to optimize business processes: The reservation or booking process is digitalized and thus largely automated.

Functions such as integrated approval processes, availability checks, or calendar management make reservation processes and lending transparent. And this usually works for vehicle fleets, meeting rooms, technical equipment, and other objects that can be reserved in the company.

Reservation or lending software is usually not the first or only tool used in IT. It is therefore important that it can be integrated into the existing infrastructure. We recommend Reserva with Asset.Desk.

Using Reserva, the intuitive reservation portal for business purposes from FCS, offers you significant advantages:

  • Independent reservation/lending of rooms and resources
  • Consideration of time restrictions
  • Intelligent time management
  • Interactive calendar
  • Integrated approval process
  • Flexible proposal of alternatives
  • Active Directory connection – use of the Windows Logon
  • Web based in the most modern design
  • Runs in any browser, whether on PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Open REST interface to inventory programs like Asset.Desk

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