Helpdesk Service

A helpdesk solution helps to take off a lot of the burden on your IT department. You maintain an overview of open tasks and their solutions and you are also in a position to distribute and manage workloads. So, you always have control over who works on which problem, so that no request gets lost.

Moreover, a well-kept knowledgebase ensures that a solution to a specific problem only has to be found once. Afterwards, they can be found and put to use by all employees.

Before you start using helpdesk software for your IT service management, you must think about some basic steps first:

  • Who should be allowed to use the ticketing system?
  • Are there only internal users or external users as well who need access to the system?
  • How should tickets be generated – per mail, direct system input or via a hotline?
  • Who will work on tickets (supporter)?
  • How many support levels do you need?
  • Which already established support processes are still useful?
  • Is the system able to illustrate your planned processes or does it offer efficient alternatives?
  • How should helpdesk activities be evaluated?
  • Which categories do I need and is their complexity useful for reporting and usability?

Having answers to these questions makes you better prepared to integrate a helpdesk system efficiently.
You are uncertain when it comes to the structure of your helpdesk? Don’t hesitate to contact our team – we are glad to share many years of experience.
Benefit from our helpdesk solution HEINZELMANN Service.Desk. The modular structure and the clear design offer you a perfect basis for your individual service management. HEINZELMANN Service.Desk can grow to meet your demands. All the while it stays flexible and adapts to your processes – without forcing you to take over given rules.

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