Helpdesk service

A helpdesk can relieve your employees and especially the IT department enormously. Not only do you keep an overview of open tasks and their solutions, but you can also distribute and manage tasks in a targeted manner. This means that it is always clear who is dealing with which problem and that no inquiries remain unprocessed.

A well-maintained knowledge base also ensures that solutions only have to be worked out once and can then be used by all employees.

But before you implement helpdesk software for IT service management, it is important that you prepare some basic steps before integration:

  • Who should be able to access the ticketing system?
  • Are there only internal or also external users who need access to the system?
  • How should tickets be created - by e-mail, by entering them into the system, via a hotline?
  • Who processes tickets (supporters)?
  • How many support levels are there?
  • Do users have to be given special rights in different areas?
  • Which support processes are already established and do they make sense?
  • Can the planned system map these processes or does it offer more efficient alternatives?
  • How should the activities of the helpdesk be evaluated?
  • Which categories do I need for this and is their complexity chosen sensibly for reporting and usability?

Answering these questions will prepare you well for the organized rollout of a helpdesk system.

Are you still unsure about setting up your helpdesk? Simply contact our staff – we would be happy to share our many years of experience with you.

Convince yourself of our helpdesk solution HEINZELMANN Service.Desk. The modular structure and the clear design offer you the perfect basis for your individual service management. Of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk can grow with your needs. It always remains flexible and adapts to your processes - without forcing you to adopt the given rules!

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