Endpoint Security

The Unknown Danger

In recent years, the risk of losing valuable company data through new technologies has steadily increased for companies. One of the latest threats today, after eliminating most of the insecurities of the Internet, are the inconspicuous USB ports and other hardware interfaces. How easy it is to connect a portable mass storage medium (USB stick, etc.) to a computer... They are visible to the naked eye small devices hardly recognizable. They are quickly removed again, but thanks to modern technology, their large storage tanks are filled to the brim in a matter of seconds.

But removable storage media lost by your own employees without malicious intent can also have dire consequences for the company. Any finder can open unencrypted files with secret, sensitive or sensitive content.

The clever solution

FCS offers you with Security Desk a secure and centrally controlled solution for securing the hardware interfaces. You specify on the central console which actions you want to allow your employees to take. Alternatively, binding guidelines can be drawn up for certain devices used. Reports, alarms and notifications by e-mail always keep you up to date on all monitored processes.

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