Endpoint Security

A current study states the facts: “No company is protected” – Data theft causes billions of losses!

Even within the core area of data theft – the IT department – the tangible security needs are rather small.
Most of the companies use basic equipment, like firewalls, password policies for all devices and high-security standards in general. But active prevention still has to be improved everywhere.

An unrecognized danger

The last few years have shown a steady rise in the risk of losing vital company data due to new technological advances. The current weak spot, after eliminating most of the uncertainties introduced by the World Wide Web, is the inconspicuous USB and other hardware I/O ports. It is laughably easy to connect any kind of portable storage device (USB stick, mobiles, MP3 player, etc.) to a computer, hidden in plain sight and disconnected again within seconds…their storage now filled to the brim with valuable information, thanks to modern engineering. Even accidental data loss by your employees in form of removable storage devices disappearing sincerely could have bad consequences for your company. Everyone can open unencrypted files containing secret, sensitive, or protect-worthy data.

The clever solution

With Security.Desk, FCS offers you a secure and centrally controlled solution to protect your hardware interfaces. At a pivotal console, you decide, whether you give permission for the usage of such devices to your employees. Alternatively, you can set up obligatory guidelines for certain devices. Reports, alarms, and notifications by email allow you to keep track of all procedures at any time.

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