EAM Edition

Create holistic asset management by inventorying all assets and tangible assets of your company. Extend your IT asset management (ITAM) to include furniture, machinery, and equipment, fleet vehicles, etc., and thus access enterprise asset management (EAM).

With the EAM Edition of Asset.Desk, you can manage all your company’s assets in one system.

The EAM Edition supports the recording of the various fixed assets and tangible assets and displays their specific properties in precisely fitting views per asset type, e.g. for furniture or vehicles.

Data such as location, building, floor, department, room, etc. classify the asset organizationally. Company code and cost center are the basis for a cost analysis. By issuing the asset to an employee, the asset enters the life cycle.

The commercial data of an asset includes acquisition values, financial data such as depreciation or leasing values, and current costs such as repairs or recurring costs such as maintenance, as well as contract data with warranty and payment plans.

All movements of assets in the course of their lifecycle such as assets, expenses to employees, relocations to new locations and disposal can be mapped and documented in EAM.

Each asset receives a unique inventory number when it is created in the system, which can be type-dependent. The asset is physically identified by printing and affixing the inventory label (2D or RFID).

If you add Asset.Desk Mobile+ to the EAM Edition, you can carry out the inventory with the support of our proven mobile app. Asset.Desk also supports RFID technology and RFID label printing to accelerate the inventory process.

Simplify and standardize your processes and realize potential savings with the EAM Edition of Asset.Desk!

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