We present: Install.Desk 4.2.1
The new version offers great innovations!

New features and improvements:

  • Group and sort jobs and packages 
  • New CVE format in vulnerability management
  • Improved user interface


Group and sort jobs and packages

Jobs and packages that you create in the Define view for later distribution can now be grouped and sorted more generously. Previously, groups were limited to one level at a time, and jobs could not be ordered as you wished.

  • From now on you can Insert subgroups in any depth into the jobs and packages tree.
  • In addition, the Sort jobs within a group according to your specifications.
  • And of course it is Drag & drop for all actions always possible.

Working with jobs and packages becomes easier and much clearer.

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New CVE format in vulnerability management

With the new version, we support the changed CVE format (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for mapping vulnerabilities on our server, so that all current vulnerability information is always available in full in your Install.Desk installation. This means you can continue to act immediately when a new vulnerability occurs and fix the problem by installing suitable patches or updates.

Vulnerability management is an additional module that you must license separately.


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Improved user interface

In addition, we have revised and improved the UI of Install.Desk in some places, e.g. a search for menu items in the menu bar has been added.

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We wish you an efficient and successful software distribution with Install.Desk 4.2.1!

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