IT Management

Automated IT-management is one of the key factors for your success. Network-wide transparency of hard- and software allows efficient support and reduction of costs.

Initially an inventory management is required to establish a database. Thereby the detection of devices and scan of hardware and software information should be automated as far as possible. As a second step it is possible to connect the device data with organizational, contractual and commercial information to create an effective IT Asset Management in the company.

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Endpoint Security

Use the security solutions of FCS to stop information leakage through endpoints and removable devices.

By now, IT security should have become an important pillar in every business. Companies which want to be successful on the market cannot afford to be careless on this front. Almost all data is saved electronically and damage caused by loss or theft thereof may threaten a company´s survival. Even if there might be no existential risk, the dent on the company’s public image can be immense and hard to asses in numbers.

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IT security