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Julian Saalfrank presents: The comprehensive FAQ webinar on Asset.Desk & HEINZELMANN Service.Desk!

Tuesday, February 26.09.2023, 10 // 15:11 a.m. – 00:XNUMX a.m

Dear IT enthusiasts and FCS users,

Each software solution has its own specifics and peculiarities that can lead to questions. That's why we're creating a framework and the opportunity for you to ask us your questions directly and easily in the upcoming webinar.

Do you have specific questions about Asset.Desk or HEINZELMANN Service.Desk?
Whether you are already experienced in using the solutions or are just getting started - this webinar will provide you with precise insights and well-founded answers directly from the FCS experts.

No presentation, no introduction – just your questions. We will show you the right positions in the software solutions directly!

Presenter Julian Saalfrank, Head of Consulting and Support at FCS Fair Computer Systems, is available to give you advice and support and answer all your questions. We have the software solutions ready and will look at them directly with you to illustrate the answers.

What makes this webinar special:

  • Community exchange: Learn from other participants' questions. A question someone else asks could be exactly the one you've always wanted answered.
  • Industry focus: Get answers that are relevant to your industry when using the tools and that will benefit you and your organization.

How it works:

  1. Submit your questions in advance using our online form.
  2. Log in using the Webex link on September 26th. You will receive this after you register.
  3. Your question will be answered directly by our expert.
  4. If you think of any additional questions during the webinar, please don't hesitate to ask them too.

Take advantage of this opportunity and become part of an exchange that provides deep insights and practical solutions for Asset.Desk and HEINZELMANN Service.Desk offers.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your FCS team

Would you like more information about the webinar that has already been held? Simply contact our sales department!

+49 911 810 881 0


Julian Saalfrank
Head of IT Consulting and Support
at FCS Fair Computer Systems


Who is the webinar for:

This webinar is aimed at IT professionals, particularly in the banking industry, who are looking for efficient and powerful solutions for IT asset and lifecycle management as well as IT service management. It is also suitable for IT managers, system administrators and decision makers interested in innovative approaches to improving IT management and support in banks. Whether you already have experience with ITALM and ITSM or are simply curious, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical case studies.

Do you already have questions about the webinar?

Send your questions to vertrieb@fair-computer.de

or contact us by phone at +49 (0) 911 810 881 80

Would you like more information about the webinar that has already been held? Simply contact our sales department!

+49 911 810 881 0

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