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The ideal companion - everything to do with the flexible and inexpensive HEINZELMANN Service.Desk

Thursday, 26.01.2023 // 10:15 - 11:00 a.m.

In 2023 we will start the FCS webinar series with our all-round talent, dem HEINZELMANN Service.Desk.

We are probably not telling you anything new when we say that service management is increasingly becoming an integral part of core processes. Those who use the right tools improve their service quality and efficiency, optimize (customer) service and reduce downtime. For this reason we dedicate the first webinar of the year to that HEINZELMANN Service.Desk.

The HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is a full-service management system that supports employees in organizing and processing inquiries, problems or requirements in the company. These are often inquiries to an IT department, but the HEINZELMANN is basically suitable for all types of inquiries or requirements that are processed, decided and processed in a defined process need to be completed.

The solution offers classic processes for IT service management (ITSM) and can also support customer service management, facility management, HR management, complaint management or project management. It remains flexible and can be configured individually. Incidentally, ITIL and the ISIS12 standard are supported.

We explain the basic functions as well as specific extensions, such as B. the workflow module, ticket templates or the brand new redesign of the TAPI module. We will show you the advantages of using the solution, provide an overview of the costs incurred and answer your questions.

So stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Julian Saalfrank
Head of IT Consulting and Support
at FCS Fair Computer Systems


Who is the webinar for:

Whether you're looking for one service management tool, of a solution for process optimization and automation HEINZELMANN Service.Desk are already using, this webinar is suitable for everyone who wants to make smart, simple and quick IT and business decisions. Our presenter is also available to answer any questions you may have!

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At a glance:

The affordable and platform-independent full-service management solution HEINZELMANN Service.Desk can be used across all sectors and has been on the market since 2005. The know-how is correspondingly pronounced. This is confirmed by over 100 customers and numerous awards, such as B. the last customer satisfaction analysis "Professional User Rating 2023 – IT Operations".

The HEINZELMANN can be used according to your needs: as a classic helpdesk or as a full-service management solution, with e.g. B. a comprehensive workflow management or service management.

  • Which industry?
    Industry-independent (via medium-sized companies, associations, corporations or public administration)
  • Which department?
    Can be used across departments
  • Do you have specific requirements for the HEINZELMANN?
    We and our experienced FCS developers will be happy to implement them together with you

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