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The handover and return process
reported Asset.Desk

Thursday, 03.02.2022 // 10:15 - 11:00 a.m.

Asset.Desk is a solution for a wide variety of IT management tasks and challenges, whether IT scanning, inventory or IT asset lifecycle management. It has a modular structure in order to adapt to the current requirements of a company and can be easily expanded at any time if requirements change.

In the upcoming webinar we will focus on the documentation of the Handover and return processes of assets to employees, students, external helpers etc. and back to the warehouse.

A simple example: An employee, let's call him Herbert, wants to give a key to his successor Tobias, both employees of the University for Humane Mars Research.
Actually a simple process! But with more than 100 employees spread over several departments and 250 keys that are constantly changing back and forth, things don't look that easy anymore. And since not only keys are constantly changing, but also laptops, projectors, tables, rental cars or microscopes, it is easy to lose track.

An example with known problems!

We will show you how to digitally implement this process and the required steps in Asset.Desk map and manage very easily and - brand new - how you can also do this in a simplified way with the new "handover basket" for predefined containers from certain assets.

In addition, we show you:

  • How to create individual handover and return protocols with the form designer.
  • How you are always informed by the assignment history about with which employee and at what time a specific action took place.
  • How to create your reports:
    • adjust according to individual needs
    • save and export as a template
    • sent periodically as an email
  • How to show and hide custom fields or set required filters to further simplify working with the solution (e.g. by purchasing devices located in a room).
  • What different ways you have to label your individual objects and manage your forms.
  • How to print labels yourself, for example in combination with the Asset.Desk to be able to use the Mobile+ app.
  • and finally we present the new transfer and return basket for bulk transfers.

All of this, of course, always with practical relevance and using the software! Be curious!

Would you like more information about the webinar that has already been held? Simply contact our sales department!

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Julian Saalfrank
Head of IT Consulting and Support
at FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH


Who is the webinar for:

Whether you are looking for a solution for lifecycle management, IT asset management or already Asset.Desk are in action, this webinar is suitable for everyone who wants to make smart, simple and quick IT and business decisions.
For all Asset.Desk-User there are also valuable tips and tricks in use with the software.
Our presenter is also available to answer any questions you may have!

Do you already have questions about the webinar?

Send your questions to vertrieb@fair-computer.de

or contact us by phone at +49 (0) 911 810 881 80

IT asset lifecycle describes the sequence of phases that an organization's IT asset goes through during the period of its ownership.

An IT asset is any proprietary information, software or hardware used in business operations. The key stages of an IT asset's life cycle are planning, procurement, deployment, use, upgrade, decommissioning, disposal and disposal. IT asset management must establish effective procedures for each phase to encourage the most effective use and maintenance of assets throughout their lifecycle, and to ensure proper upgrade, replacement and disposal.

However, the process can also be applied to all other assets in the company.
The benefits of a well-managed IT lifecycle extend beyond the enterprise as well, as asset lifecycle management helps eliminate waste and conserve resources.

Source: techtarget.com

  • Better knowledge of the requirements when planning the acquisition of new assets
  • Timely replacement of consumables and resources.
  • A more accurate picture of total cost of ownership (TCO).

Source: techtarget.com

Asset.Desk Lifecycle Management supports you in all processes along the lifecycle of an asset:

  • From the request to procurement, inventory and installation to disposal
  • Full control over required, existing and used assets as well as over costs and compliance
  • Merging of all asset data from a commercial perspective (items, contracts), technical perspective (inventory numbers, asset types) and organizational perspective (users)

Would you like more information about the webinar that has already been held? Simply contact our sales department!

+49 911 810 881 0

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