Administration of various types of contracts

With Asset.Desk Contract Management you can manage all types of contracts, such as purchase, lease, maintenance and license agreements comprehensively and individually in one system. In the contract, you can quickly and easily connect with employees, assets, or software licenses to which the contract relates. In this way, contracts can also be interconnected and framework agreements assigned.

The following contract types are supported by default:

  • purchase agreements
  • leases
  • maintenance contracts
  • mobile phone subscriptions
  • license agreements
  • subscription contracts

The contract types can be supplemented at any time, according to your operational requirements.

The central storage facility for documents in a secure storage location of your infrastructure provides you with audit-proof and centralized contract management. The program also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that simplify forecasting and governance.

Due to time restrictions and corresponding groupings and filters, you can see at a glance which contracts are due, are due to be terminated and what transactions you have with which contract partners. So you have the perfect basis for what to plan in the coming quarter. This allows by using the tool, for example, for forecasts. By the function of the file note, you can deposit all important information for you individually on the respective contract.
The integrated role and authorization concept regulates all access and editing rights. In this way, you can specifically control the access to any contracts, for example, protecting critically classified documents from unauthorized access.

Clear sales and cost planning

The integrated cash flow management shows you the expected financial requirements in the course of the coming year on the basis of the stored customer and supplier contracts. This way, you will always be informed about upcoming payments and income. Identify gaps in finance in a timely manner and keep track of your financial needs over the selected period of cash flow analysis.

In advance, use the “Payment plan” function to specify in detail which one-time and / or regular payments have to be made per contract. Terms and contract periods can be maintained individually. Similar to the vendor contracts in which you specify expenditures, you can define for customer contracts which revenue you receive periodically. You can also depict periods, such as annual increased payments.

Keep the overview – Thanks to follow-up function

One of the core functions of contract management is resubmission. It always informs you about important dates for your contracts, objects or warranties at any point in the contract lifecycle.
Contracts can be extended manually or automatically in the system. The follow-up function reminds you of important dates and deadlines. Optionally, this can also send a reminder e-mail to all contract managers or selectively only to the responsible operator.

Dates and deadlines at any time at a glance

With the graphic calendar, you always have an overview of all upcoming appointments. Whether daily, weekly or monthly view, the view can be customized according to your wishes.
You can independently manage contract periods, notice periods and responsibilities using administrable reports. As you are used to from Asset.Desk, you can also export them.

The graphical evaluation gives you a quick overview of all important contract key figures such as costs or revenues broken down by group, partner and cost center. The evaluations themselves can be flexibly grouped or filtered. All graphics can be exported to PDF and JPG formats.

No more missed deadlines with FCS Asset.Desk Vertrag App

With the mobile version of the contract management module, all contracts and the corresponding important data, e.g. contracts partners, run time or cost centre, can be overviewed fast and easy on your mobile device – every time and everywhere.

Follow up function, cash flow management and calendar function keep you updated concerning the expectable financial requirements, notice dates, due payments and pending dates and deadlines.

You can download the app for Android devices in the Google play store for free. It will soon be available for iOS devices, too.

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