Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in computer science / business informatics or working student activity

Experiment with UI/UX designs to present KPIs for IT Asset Management in a modern, innovative and appealing way that is understandable and clear to the user. Inspire users with your work.

We are a software manufacturer for a leading IT asset management system in the midmarket. We have identified the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the lifecycle management area of the system, which we want to offer cumulatively and at various levels in separate views in the system.

KPIs include the average age of IT assets, the proportion of inventoried or audited assets, the proportion of assets under warranty and maintenance, and so on. The KPIs are available and have been described. The basics in the system for displaying and processing the KPIs are created for you.

Based on Windows Forms .NET 5 technology, the following exciting tasks await you:

  • Suggestions for UI/UX design to prepare and display KPIs cumulatively and in a drill-down level.
  • UI/UX design to display changes, positive and negative trends, and gradients
  • Selection of a design draft
  • Connection of the data level and prototypical realization of the KPI views
  • Drill-down technique according to various criteria, display at the detailed level
  • Display of trends over time

The technical environment for the development is Microsoft .NET 5, C#, Windows Forms, corresponding previous experience is desirable.
The formulation of the topic for registration as a master’s or bachelor’s thesis is to be discussed.

The software house FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH from Nuremberg, on the market since 1999, is among other things manufacturer for the IT asset management system “Asset.Desk”, one of the leading systems in the medium-sized business sector. FCS has been awarded as TOP 100 Innovator 2021.

Please contact us by phone or email for inquiries:

Dr. Jürgen Falk
FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH
Ostendstraße 132
DE 90482 Nuremberg

Phone +49 (0) 911 810881 0

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