Working student activity computer science / business informatics or possibly also Bachelor thesis

Development of an Outlook integration for the web-based reservation portal “Reserva


We develop and distribute the web-based reservation portal “Reserva”. With Reserva, employees can independently reserve and borrow items that are available for loan within the company, e.g. laptops, beamers, flipcharts, cameras or cars. Rooms can also be reserved.

Reserva has its own calendar in which the reservations are entered. In the calendar view, users can immediately see whether or not the desired equipment or rooms are still available for the selected period.

The aim of this work is to integrate Reserva with Microsoft Outlook. Finished reservations should be transferred to Outlook with the rental period, purpose and content and entered into the user calendar there. Shifts of reservations or cancellations must also be synchronized with Outlook.

In a further development stage of Outlook integration, it should be possible to invite employees to meetings in Reserva, for example when a room is booked. The invitations are synchronised with Outlook and result in Outlook entries for the participating employees. Cancellations must also be taken into account here.

The technical environment for the development of this Outlook integration is Microsoft ASP.NET Core, C# and the .NET Framework. Appropriate previous experience is required.

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH from Nuremberg, on the market since 1999, is the manufacturer of the business applications “Asset.Desk” for IT inventory and IT asset management processes, “Install.Desk” for software distribution and “Security.Desk” for Endpoint Security. In addition, there is the above-mentioned portal “Reserva” for reservations and loans.

The formulation of the topic for registration as a master’s thesis or bachelor’s thesis must be agreed upon.

Please contact us by phone or email for inquiries:

Dr. Jürgen Falk
FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH
Ostendstraße 132
DE 90482 Nuremberg

Phone +49 (0) 911 810881 0

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