Prototypical development of an app for Business Intelligence (BI)

Dissertation or working student activity computer science / business informatics

Sales metrics in the car trade – identification of KPIs and prototypical development of a BI app with benchmark and comparison of figures

We develop and operate a data warehouse for the authorized dealers of a large automotive group. The dealers send all invoices of the previous day to the warehouse via interface on a daily basis, i.e. new and used car, parts and service invoices. The system now includes several years’ worth of electronic invoices from the dealers.

The system is controlled via a dashboard. This shows dealers key statistical data, for example. In the dashboard, a merchant can define how his data is processed and to whom and in what form his data is forwarded.

Based on the raw data from the data warehouse, it is first necessary to determine which key sales figures or KPIs can be determined for the individual retailer, especially sales and volumes. Secondly, the possible dimensions are to be defined, i.e. the differentiation of the data according to sales, aftersales, manufacturer and models as well as the temporal course.

The focus of the work is the prototypical realization of an app as a BI dashboard, which displays the current key figures to the dealer on a monthly basis. The data is provided in condensed form for this purpose. The app loads the data, displays the current KPIs, makes deviations eye-catching and enables a drill-down according to the selected dimensions.

Fourth, to the extent that there is still time, it should be investigated to what extent the dashboard can be enriched with market data to enable a benchmark and comparison of the retailer’s sales KPIs with the market development at the respective point in time.

The technical environment for the development of the app is Microsoft ASP.NET Core, C#, Xamarin, mySQL. Relevant previous experience is desired.

The software house FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH from Nuremberg, on the market since 1999, develops European web portals and data warehouses for the automotive industry in the business unit “fcs drive”. Likewise, the development of mobile solutions for the car trade is a focus of FCS. Major international car manufacturers are among its customers. FCS has been awarded as TOP 100 Innovator 2021.

The formulation of the topic for an application as a master or bachelor thesis is to be discussed.

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