Mobile Device Management


The mobile device management software MobiControl from our partner SOTI offers more than a simple management of mobile devices. It provides all-round protection for the mobile use of company data and accompanies the devices during the entire life cycle within the company. The IT department always has an overview and control over all processes and can centrally manage the administration. MobiControl is platform-independent and supports all popular mobile devices from leading manufacturers.

Device provisioning

Organizations are subject to constant change. IT employees must be equipped not only for fresh engagements, promotions, job changes, etc. they also have to depict the requirements of different departments. This also applies to mobile device management. MobiControl, therefore, offers an intelligent policy management with which different principles can be deployed centrally to the mobile devices.

Device registration

The registration of a large number of mobile devices can be a challenge for the IT department. Especially if they are also from different areas of the company with different geographic location.
Generally, security and application guidelines, as well as device configurations, are to be deployed to the mobile devices in the shortest possible time, no matter where they are located in the world. With MobiControl, device registration is straightforward and independent of device, operating system or model. In addition, the device registration programs are supported by Apple (DEP), Google (Android for Work) and Microsoft.

Device management

With MobiControl, you can inventory and manage your mobile devices. A customizable dashboard gives you a quick overview of your data at any time. If there are problems with one of the devices, the support team can solve the problem easily via a remote control. A lost or stolen mobile phone can also be blocked remotely, equally the content on the device can be deleted remotely. Particularly important for BYOD devices: using containers, private data and company data can be easily separated. MobiControl provides detailed analyses and reports, which can be exported to all common file format.

Device safety and compliance

In today’s world, a mature mobile security solution is indispensable, which includes all company-relevant security aspects. MobiControl, therefore, offers a modern data encryption technology and combines data security with ease of use and good user experience. In addition, corporate data can be deployed securely and controlled by an integrated content library.

Application Management

In order to guarantee holistic mobile security for the company, it is imperative to keep control of the applications installed on the mobile phones. MobiControl works with Black and Whitelist, so you can always be sure that only the apps you have shared can be used. The product also allows you to install prescribed apps without user intervention. If you want to go a step further, you can also create an individual home screen, which locks access to all functions, except for the applications and websites you authorize (lockdown). With BYOD devices, private content can be separated easily and professionally from the workplace.

Device retrieval (device retirement)

The retrieval and/or cleanup of a device, e.g. an employee leaves the company, gets a new device or switches to another department is often neglected. However, this is also part of the life cycle of a device as well as its provision. It should be ensured that all corporate data and applications are deleted, and all WiFi and VPN settings are removed. A device or data recovery is particularly important with BYOD devices. With MobiControl, devices can be safely “cleaned” with one click, without the end user having to be involved. This allows selection of partitions and a removal from access rights to company data. The device can be used for new purposes.

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