ITIL Service

Use the ITIL Service module to rebuild your helpdesk into a service management tool.

Your service manager defines services and service levels in the HEINZELMANN service catalog. These are then linked to your internal and/or external customers via service level agreements.
In this way you lay the foundations for ITIL-compliant work and comprehensive evaluations of your services. In service level it is deposited the priority of a service and the times and frequencies it should escalate. In this way, you create organizational standards for processing incidents and problems. The service level agreements enable you to define in advance which customer is entitled to which service. Via the service level, it is assigned which extent of service (for example, 24/7) that customer has acquired and which extent of response to the service he has.



  • Creation of operating groups for services (for example incident manager, problem manager, major incident manager)
  • Automatic ticket processing according to service rules (prioritization, categorization, assignment etc.)
  • Customized service catalog
  • Free definition of service levels (maturities, escalation, priority, service times, etc.)
  • Depiction of customer-specific service level agreements
  • Pre-selection of booked services per customer at the ticket creation.

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