OS Deployment

Install.Desk OSIS

Flexible and simple usage via web interface

Thanks to the clearly-arranged web surface, you are able to access your OSIS application from anywhere at any time. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn how to use OSIS the most efficient way, while the informative dashboard keeps you up-to-date about program details like important settings, current system activities, used resources and system utilization.

Imaging: the basis of your rollouts

OSIS works by cloning (i.e. imaging) a master PC.Using just a few clicks, you define which PC serves as a main image for your OS deployment.Those images can be capaciously parameterized and equipped with individual answer files.The finished images can then be assigned to separate clients or whole groups of clients via the OSIS web interface, as easily as they have been created. The clients receiving an image will automatically start the OS installation via PXE and TFTP.If a client cannot be reached regularly during a rollout, OSIS can use the WakeOnLan function to try and deploy the operating system anyway.You will save time and energy as you only have to configure your master client and kick-start the deployment process – everything else, Install.Desk OSIS will do for you.

Your benefits

  • Fully automatic rollouts and computer set up
    • A plus of installation quality by minimizing manual processes, time and cost savings
  • Easy-to-learn user interface
    • Quick readiness for duty
  • Deployment of all common Windows operating systems
  • Added value features
    • Further facilitating the management of your systems
    • Quick readiness for duty
  • Access from anywhere via web application
  • Extendable with optional additional module “Snapin-Manager”
    • Integrated “small” software deployment

Additional module: Snapin Manager

The optional module ‘Snapin Manager’ extends Install.Desk OSIS by a software deployment function for any MSI and EXE setup for single hosts or client groups.
You can deploy snapins bundled with images or separately.

Clever combinded

In combination with our well-proven software deployment solution „Install.Desk“, your PC and server systems can be equipped with operating systems and all necessary applications in one go, saving hours of manual labor on each of the newly set up PCs.The additional module ‚OS Packager‘ of Install.Desk gives you the option to use answer files for your Install.Desk OSIS deployment runs.

Further features for your Windows clients

Besides the main functions of an OS deployment system and the optional Snapin Manager, OSIS offers additional useful features: You can change client names, control domain membership of Windows computers, monitor logins and logouts clients or detect and delete unauthorized user accounts.

Purchase Install.Desk OSIS

The price of Install.Desk OSIS is determined by the number of clients you want to provide with operating systems. If Install.Desk OSIS is interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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