Additional module: ITIL CHANGE


Take advantage of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk With the ITIL module, not only for service support, but also for change management in the future and map change management processes according to ITIL in your user helpdesk (UHD):

  • Upgrade tickets to so-called problems depending on group eligibility. Problems can be investigated by change managers and then turned into change requests. In addition, change requests can also be requested directly by authorized users.
  • According to the specifications of the "IT Infrastructure Library" (ITIL), ITIL differentiates between requests (request), examination (change manager), possibly further examination (change board), implementation and review. Of course, all necessary parameters can be set in the respective phases.
  • Applications can be approved or rejected with justification. The change manager decides whether to implement it directly or to pass it on to the change board. Change Managers and Change Boards can approve or reject requests, depending on their area of ​​responsibility. Rejected applications can be put on a resubmission list if necessary.
  • Via the status monitor in the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk and the e-mail reminder of changes keeps the applicant up to date.
  • Change requests are kept separately from the tickets in a separate list with its own search and filter function. An e-mail service ensures that the relevant actors are notified immediately when the change request status changes.

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