The digitization of public administration has long been one of the greatest challenges. But rarely has it been as pressing as in the days of the Corona pandemic. Employees/colleagues were sent to the home office, exit restrictions reduce direct contact with citizens, but citizens have more questions and concerns.

With the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk, your community, and administration will benefit from a secure, digital specialist application which, with efficient, automated service management, relieves your employees and creates added value for your citizens.

With the HEINZELMANN you have the optimal tool to improve and optimize the expansion of your digital services for the communication with your citizens, in times of Corona and beyond.

The HEINZELMANN supports you in assigning incoming questions or concerns to the right place in the municipality/administration in order to react as quickly as possible to the concerns of the citizens – and all this without chaos or data loss.

It is also clear that data sovereignty, i.e. the greatest possible control over your own data, is and remains an important issue, also with regard to the democratic self-determination of your municipality or administration. With the HEINZELMANN Service Desk you have a reliable tool at your side!

Offer your employees and citizens digital and easy-to-use administrative services!

  • Digital Corona-Help: Don’t just inform your citizens through short messages on your website about measures that the district has decided on. Let citizens ask questions interactively via forms on your website and answer them directly or automatically. Make your crisis management as secure and individual as necessary!
  • Self-Service citizen portal: The traffic light in a certain street has failed? Respond as quickly as possible to requests concerning your municipality/administration – digitally and close to the citizen.
  • Citizen’s Praise Center: Record the concerns or suggestions for improvement of your citizens digitally and act as quickly and easily as possible via automated workflows.
  • Childcare portal: Make it possible to fill out applications digitally and effortlessly and leave the rest to the HEINZELMANN.
  • Digital tourism contact point: Incoming questions about sights, events, and medical care can be easily recorded digitally and answered automatically. And so that your knowledge is not lost: The HEINZELMANN has a knowledge base that you can access at any time in the future!


How does it work?

A new employee has been hired in your administration. Not only does she need an equipped workstation she also needs access to various software, perhaps an employee ID card or several keys. Ideally, there should be a workflow of interdependent ticket sequences that can be checked at any time to ensure that the “critical path” has been taken into account and that deadlines have been met. All parties involved are automatically informed at the right time if they are to perform their part in the overall process.

The great thing is that there are also reports on this! These help to evaluate the workflow process and to incorporate necessary changes into the current process. Only by building up the necessary understanding of the process can cumbersome work steps to be optimized and simpler ones implemented for the next time.

Decide or let your citizens choose which channel
they’ll get in touch with you:




Why choose the HEINZELMANN?

Overview of functions:

  • Simple operation for you and your citizens
  • Open continuity of operations
  • High security: through numerous internal audits your data is fully protected at all times
  • Fast operational readiness: the HEINZELMANN Service Desk is usually installed and ready for use within 20 minutes on a prepared web server
  • ITIL and ISIS12 compliant
  • Can be used community and administration-wide
  • High integration capability
  • It can be coupled with the IT inventory solution / IT asset management solution Asset.Desk
  • Largely independent implementation of adjustments / customizing
    (therefore also optimal price-performance ratio)
  • Flexible modeling of processes
  • Service Automation
  • Intuitive Self Service
  • On Premise or SaaS

test free of charge or purchase directly
The price for our HEINZELMANN solution depends on the supporters/employees who process your tickets. HEINZELMANN costs only 995€ in the starting version with three supporter licenses including one admin. Please contact us, we will be pleased to make you an individual offer.

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