Always ready!
The mobile assistance for your support processes

With the FCS HEINZELMANN app, you have always your ticket system on board!
No matter if you are with your colleagues in the neighboring building or you work in the field
– via your smartphone or tablet, you can depict your support processes at any time.

When you have registered with your HEINZELMANN user account, you will get access to all of your tickets.
With one click you can see the ticket details, the ticket history and if required, the assigned documents. If it is in the HEINZELMANN ServiceDesk configured permissions, you are able to edit, close, filter or sort tickets.
You can also put tickets on a memory list, to be able to access to the tickets later. Using the camera of your mobile, you can take photos or videos e.g. of defective devices and assign them directly to the tickets.
Of course, you can also import pictures and documents from your memory device.


Create new tickets

Needless to say, you can also create new tickets with the app. Depending on the legal structure, you can assign your tickets to due date, responsible supporter groups, categories or the expected effort. In addition, you can also add documents and photos while you are creating a ticket.

Maintenance your knowledge base

With one click, closed tickets can be easily transferred to the knowledge base, so that all important support processes can be documented. All knowledge base entries that your user has access to, are clearly displayed in the app and can be sorted by categories or by keywords.

Thanks to push notifications: Always up to date

Push notifications inform you about all current events, such as whether a ticket has been edited or created. In the settings, you can specify which type of occurrences you want to receive in detail.

Overview of all tickets

The “overview” menu item allows you to evaluate your own or all tickets, grouped by status or priority. So you can immediately see, which tasks are important today.

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