Inventory Database

Create a solid foundation

Central inventory database

Many companies know what kind and number of assets they have procured, but not how they are exactly equipped and where they are.
However, this knowledge is required e.g. for efficient administration, helpdesk, facility management up to value-added processes such as internal cost allocation or license management.

Asset.Desk offers a central database for the administration of all assets. IT Asset Management (ITAM) includes all IT resources, such as computers and monitors or software licenses. The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) extends this scope of “objects” to all fixed assets and tangible assets in the company, such as furniture, machinery, apparatus or vehicles.

The Asset.Desk inventory database is open and can easily get integrated into existing corporate structures, e.g. via CSV operations or an optional REST interface.

Asset.Desk Photo View

With Asset.Desk Photo View you can use photos to visualize your buildings, rooms, appliances and furniture from your Asset.Desk database. With the app Asset.Desk Mobile + you can capture photos quickly and easily with a smartphone or tablet, or you copy via drag and drop existing photos to Asset.Desk.
Photo View provides a basis for a virtual tour around the entire company – from the building to rooms, to employees, up to devices and furniture! Enter a room and see its facilities.

Let yourself be guided by clicking from the room view to the photos of a PC, to inventory data, and back again.
By marking objects on photos, you can link employee information, object details, or simply the adjacent room.

Need-based editions

Clever editions allow you to map specific requirements to your IT and asset management through combinations of asset desk toolsets, such as hardware and software data scanning, software license management, IT asset management or even enterprise asset management.

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