All important asset management functions in one solution

Asset.Desk enables asset and lifecycle management for enterprise-wide inventory, management and inventory control of “all” assets.

– from computer, software license, smartphone to car, coffee machine or table –

The software enables the automatic readout of exact hardware and software data, independent of remote access rights, and combines technical, organizational and commercial information in one system. Due to its modular structure, Asset.Desk can be individually adapted to the respective needs of your company.

Do you know your IT environment?
Maintain a complete overview of your assets!

  • On which devices is which software installed?
  • Which employees work with outdated software or hardware? Where are the assets located?
  • Is a mobile inventory (with barcode or RFID) possible?
  • Can both virtual and cloud environments be inventoried?
  • Are the assets accompanied throughout their lifecycle – from procurement to disposal?
  • Is it possible to have full control over required, existing and used assets as well as costs and compliance?
  • Is device-specific management of the use of all software licenses (e.g. Office 365 license plans) supported?
  • Is it possible to manage purchase, leasing, maintenance, support, mobile phone and license contracts as well as many other types of contracts?
  • Is comprehensive reporting possible, which can be individually tailored to your needs?
  • Are there different interfaces, e.g. to a Service Desk or Active Directory?

Asset.Desk Module Overview:

From the inventory database to license management to mobile asset management and inventory with barcodes, NFC and RFID

In order to adapt our Asset.Desk solution individually to your needs, it has a modular structure. You decide which topics your asset and lifecycle management focuses on.

Many companies know what type and number of assets they have acquired, but they don’t know exactly how they are equipped and where they are located. However, this knowledge is the basis for efficient administration, helpdesk, facility management and value-added processes such as internal cost allocation or license management. Asset.Desk offers a central database for the administration of all assets, IT and furniture.

  • Management of IT resources or other fixed assets (furniture, vehicle fleet, etc.)
  • Individually configurable overview pages for all object groups
  • Role-based user administration
  • Modern navigation via ribbon menus in “Office Style
  • Different tree views through filters
  • CMDB on an open, relational database (MS SQL Server)
  • RDP server / terminal server capable
  • Creation and modification of all devices en bloc or individually
  • Management of test badges: Indication of test dates, test procedures (e.g. BGV A3), test periods etc. for the individual assets
  • “Photo View” for a virtual overview of buildings, rooms, employees and equipment

One of AssetDesk’s strengths is the automatic “scan” of the exact hardware and software of all IT resources from a central location. So you always receive the complete hardware and installed software directly from the target system at the push of a button.

  • Remote scanning of hardware and software from Windows
  • and SNMP devices
  • Automatic readout of accurate device data from Windows, Linux, AIX, IGEL thin clients and Solaris systems independent of remote access rights
  • Automatic scan of MacOS devices
  • Scan of server virtualization platforms (vCenter, Hyper)
  • Cloud scanner for the inventory of MS Azure and Google Cloud

Asset.Desk convinces with comprehensive, customizable reports that answer all questions regarding technical, organizational and commercial data, depending on the expansion stage.

  • Extensive, individually adaptable reporting (report generator for individual supplementation of standard reports)
  • Automated, time-controlled sending of reports via e-mail

Manage your software according to your own indicators and specifications. Asset.Desk provides you with the basis for mapping your individual license landscape and all current license models.

  • Proactive license management (Microsoft SAM Tool/ KPMG certified) – Device specific management and control of the use of all software licenses
  • Meaningful license balance with access to every license usage
  • Contract management for licenses
  • Online retrieval of the essential, licensed catalogue products from the central FCS online software catalogue
  • Minimization of software costs through usage information (application metering)
  • License management for Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud

Lifecycle management in Asset.Desk offers you comprehensive options for tracking and mapping the entire lifecycle of your assets.

  • Change histories for hardware and software inventory over the entire lifecycle
  • Grouping of device and master data according to organizational specifications in a tree view
  • Inventory label printing for all managed objects (barcode or RFID)
  • Administration of commercial device data (purchase, leasing, depreciation, costs during the year, warranty, etc.)
  • Number generator with definable structure
  • audit safety
  • multi-client capability
  • History of device relocations
  • Handover and return voucher
  • Component management with warehouse management
  • Ordering and complaints for equipment, furniture, components and licenses
  • Quotation and order preparation, invoicing and documentation of deliveries
  • Cost center-exact and cause-based allocation of IT costs – manually or automatically
  • Automated management of hardware and software data from mobile devices
  • Management of purchase, leasing, maintenance, support, mobile phone and license contracts as well as many other contract types
  • Integrated role and authorization concept
  • cash flow management
  • resubmission function
  • calendar view
  • Graphical evaluation for an overview of all important contract key figures
  • Connecting to Active Directory
  • Networking with the FCS Desk Suite
    Integration with HEINZELMANN ServiceDesk
    Software distribution with Install.Desk
  • SCCM gateway for the use of Asset.Desk based on of scan data from MS SCCM
  • Web interface for connection to third party systems (e.g. SAP) based on REST services (OData Gateway)
  • Scan IT resources over the Interne

With Asset.Desk you can create diagrams of your network structures. See at a glance what connections exist between your assets and how your network is structured.

  • Automatic generation of visual IT diagrams such as network or topology plans with export function to e.g. Microsoft Visio
  • Inventory with barcodes or RFID via smartphone or tablet
  • Access to asset information (e.g. location, hardware and software data, commercial data)
  • Manage disposal, removals and photos via App
  • Real-time synchronization with the Asset.Desk database
  • Scan and programming of RFID and NFC transponders

Asset.Desk goes Cloud

– Inventory of MS Azure and Google Cloud
– License management for Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

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