We present Reserva
Reserve and rent rooms and assets quickly and easily!

Great new features were already waiting for you in version Now, with version, we are continuing the development of Reserva and again have a few small new improvements for you!


Overview of functions and improvements in the version:

  • Set-up times
    • From now on, the set-up time can optionally be limited by the end of the service time. This means that the set-up time (or part of it) is not carried over into the new service time.
  • User management
    • In user management, the list of users can now be sorted by each column.
  • Private Labeling
    • Customizations in the view (background, font, design colors) are now possible. For you, this means that you can now design your individual reservation portal – for example, according to your own CI.
    • At present, you still need us for this. Just get in touch with FCS Sales.
    • More minor improvements
We wish you much success and efficient lending with Reserva.
Your FCS Team


Private labeling examples for the Reserva start page



We present: Reserva
Reserve and rent rooms and assets quickly and easily!

Reserva is the tool to borrow items or reserve rooms. It doesn’t matter if the items are laptops, projectors, flip charts, cameras, or cars. Rooms such as meeting rooms can be scheduled digitally with Reserva. Double bookings are impossible.

In the new version, the following functions
and improvements are waiting for you:

  • Reservation options
  • Advanced roles and rights
  • Info mails
  • UI improvements


Reservation options  

From now on, you can add options during the reservation process. Options can be defined and named as desired in the settings. For a room reservation, for example, this can be a seating option, cleaning, or catering. Each reservation option can be assigned a preparation time and/or a rework time. This enables you to map preparation or clean-up time for rooms in the system, for example. The preparation and post-processing time is added to the reservation time of the object or room and is thus considered in the time planning.


Roles and rights 

In addition to the standard roles of user, supervisor, and administrator, further user roles can now be added to the system by the administrator. A role is defined by functional rights, e.g. viewing calls, creating calls, approving calls, access to user administration, etc.

In addition to the functional rights, individual access rights for categories, objects and rooms as well as for pickup locations can now also be assigned for the role. Access rights for categories, objects, and rooms define what may and may not be borrowed or reserved by the user, e.g. the category “notebooks”, a specific projector or a specific room. Access rights to pick-up locations define from where or from which warehouse objects may be borrowed by the user and are thus visible to him.


Info mail to involved parties  

One or more additional e-mail addresses can now be entered in a reservation in order to notify other parties of the reservation by e-mail. In the case of room reservations, for example, meeting participants, the catering service or the janitor can be informed directly in this way. The info mail about the reservation is sent to the specified e-mail addresses after approval.


UI improvements

Furthermore, we have improved and extended the user interface in several places:

  • The purpose of a reservation, as well as the additional information of the positions, can now be changed by the user afterward
  • From now on, the user can branch directly from the reservation item to the corresponding reservation in the weekly schedule by clicking on it
  • The booking block in the weekly schedule for the reservation now contains the purpose or – if not available – alternatively the name of the user who created the reservation
  • The weekly schedule has been made clearer


Wish you good success and efficient rentals with Reserva!




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