The new version Asset.Desk 8 is focused on a professional and extensive software license management. All important license models can be reproduced in detail! Benefit from these new functions:

  • Risk calculations
    Asset.Desk now calculates the monetary risk of sublicensing. Furthermore you get a full overview of your license costs.
  • More metrics
    With immediate effect you are able to create customized licence metrics – you define which license models you want to display!
  • Change history
    Get an overview at what time which license has been added, deleted or changed on which device and by which user.
  • New marks
    You can determine which license is a “test license“, “backup license“ or if a license has a “secondary use right“. It is also possible to mark “bundle licenses“.
  • License allocation via Active Directory
    Evaluate the required licenses via your Active Directory groups. It’s your choice whether the employees or devices of one group are used for this process.
  • Automatic determination of requirements
    Asset.Desk checks automatically if a license is still valid or not. Thus you can see directly if you are under-licensed in the license overview of the Asset.Desk Manager.
  • Individual license entry
    Besides the present data fields of a license entry, it is now possible to save other, individual information in user-defined data fields.
  • Automatic internal invoicing of license costs
    Together with the module “Internal Invoicing” Asset.Desk is now able to set off license cost on the basis of fixed license flat rates with cost centres.
  • Evaluation of licenses after regionsWith version 8.0 it is possible to assign one region to every company code in Asset.Desk. Therefore you can see how many licenses are used in which region.

And the bes
t: Asset.Desk 8 will be verified by the KPMG – you will be on the safe side when your next license audit is announced!

Other highlights of Version 8.0

Apart from the new functions concerning the software license management, there are many more features in version 8.0.
It is now possible to display dependency within a contract by connecting other contracts to one main contract. Changes to the main contract will automatically be adopted for all deposited contracts.
The module “IT Order Management” now allows new states for requests for proposal and orders. You can display for example which order is “transmitted”, ‚”partially delivered”, “delivered”, “reclaimed”, “saved” or  “completed”.
Furthermore the Asset.Desk surface has been improved and extended. Convince yourself of the easy to use and performant version Asset.Desk 8!

The new version Asset.Desk 8.0 is available for testing at Upgrading is free for FCS clients with a service agreement.

Attention!: There is also a new version available for Inventory.Desk – the “little brother” of Asset.Desk. For further information see

Do you have any questions? You can reach us at: vertrieb(at) or 0911 810 881 80.