The new version Security.Desk 5.4 offers a fully interactive dashboard.

Get a quick and easy way to view endpoint security status graphically in your network. In addition, the dashboard enables a detailed analysis of your data.

Cake and bar charts inform you about the current status of your clients’ protection status and how much mobile storage is currently being used on their clients.

Thus, you will receive at a glance the essential information about the current status of Endpoint Security in your network as well as the vitality of your users. You want, for example, know on which PC or by which user most of the activity (infected USB memory sticks or smartphones) has taken place?

The top-client and top-user presentation shows you immediately to which clients or from which users mobile memory are often used conspicuously. In addition, the dashboard includes various histories of using mobile storage and file movement to and from mobile storage.In addition, the dashboard offers intuitive drill-down options, which give you deeper insights into the respective data situation of a key figure in the form of prefiltered standard reports. The report “Removable Storage Usage” has been extended to the “Mobile Storage Usage”.

The report now includes not only the removable storage devices (especially USB sticks) but also the memory of smartphones and cameras that are connected to USB interfaces.Also new is the report “File Observation – Total”. The report provides you with a summary of the number of file accesses by users to the mobile storage connected to clients per day in the selected period. The total number of file accesses as well as the number of read and blocked files are reported per day and client and user. The two reports “Mobile Memory Usage” and “USB Device Usage” now provide the ability to manually complete open uses of mobile storage in case mobile storage has not returned and you want to clean up your data from any “data corpses”.

You would like to test Security.Desk 5.4 immediately and free of charge?

In our download area you will find the new version. We wish you a lot of security with Security.Desk 5.4

Your FCS team


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