Discover your savings potential with Install.Desk OSIS 2.0 today and test the new version free of charge and without obligation.FCS provides a ready-made virtual machine (VM) in VMWare format, the OSIS VM. These can be easily imported into your VMWare environment and can start immediately.

In order to make it easier for you to enter the OSIS world or to test OSIS, FCS also provides an answer file. This XML file complies with Windows 10 x64 Professional Edition and is based on the MS KMS Client Setup key, which is valid for 90 days without activation – so you do not need to sacrifice any Microsoft license during the test.

You have any further questions about Install.Desk or you want to set up Install.Desk OSIS? Please contact our FCS sales team on 0911 810 881 0 or by email at

More information about Intstall.Desk and its benefits and features can be found on our website.