HEINZELMANN Service.Desk 5.65

With the brand new version of HEINZELMANN, the “BACKLOG module” becomes a full-fledged “SCRUM module”. Besides a story extension and new sprint views, the version also offers LDAP innovations and ticket improvements.

Great features and improvements are waiting for you in the new version! Here is an overview:

  • BACKLOG module becomes SCRUM
    • Incl. new ticket type “Story
    • and an improved sprint view
  • LDAP innovations
    • New authentications option via Microsoft Azure account (Single Sign On)
    • Import of users/contacts from Azure Active Directory now possible
  • Extensions and new options in
    • Ticket
    • Ticket list
    • and ticket type


SCRUM module now with story  

The more disciplined and intensive the agile practices are applied, the higher the probability that errors can be avoided, uncovered or reversed at an early stage. Three essential agile practices are the product backlog, the sprint, and the story. Until now, the Story could not be executed with the HEINZELMANN. From now on, this is different: The story is now on board in the SCRUM module and can be fully used.

In doing so, the new SCRUM function helps to optimally control your agile project. The new ticket type “story” can be used to describe complex tasks. Individual tickets can be easily assigned to a story. The tickets are then displayed in the sprint grouped to the story. Regardless of whether you are in an executive or supervisory position, you always have an overview of the sprint progress. The burn-down chart indicates when the work will be finished and shows the remaining effort relates to the remaining time at each point in time.


Story Highlights:

  • Simple to use and easy to understand in application
  • Via collective processing, it is possible to assign a ticket/several tickets directly to a story (analogous to backlog)
  • If a ticket is already assigned to another story, you will be informed by an error message
  • A user only sees a story if he is allowed to see at least one ticket that is assigned to this story
  • Tickets and ticket history are sortable by drag-and-drop


SCRUM module: Innovations in the Sprint View  

The SCRUM module (formerly BACKLOG module) has received further innovations.  For example, the sprint view has been improved to simplify the work in the backlog.

  • Multiple sprints can now be defined in advance and assigned to tickets. For a better overview, e.g. planned sprints can be collapsed to be able to work clearly
  • The SCRUM module (formerly BACKLOG module) has received further innovations. For example, the sprint view has been improved to simplify the work in the backlog
  • If a sprint is active, it is more clearly visible by a green box
  • Also, in the list of sprints, the planned date can now be displayed


LDAP innovations  

The new version of the HEINZELMANN makes SSO authentication of users via the Microsoft Azure account possible. This is now made possible by importing users and contacts from Azure Active Directory  (Attention: this only works if you have imported the users/contacts in advance).


Further improvements in ticket, ticket list and ticket type  

  • General:
    • The global search function is now extended by a full-text search within the entire ticket body
  •  Ticket:
    • From now on, the file dispatch from the ticket processing will also be logged in the ticket history
  •  Ticket list
    • Favorite filters can now be displayed directly in the search bar of the ticket list
    • The ticket list can now also be filtered by the contact’s company name via URL parameter
  •  Ticket type
    • Custom selection lists can be displayed as radio buttons
    • The option “Mandatory field on ticket completion” will now also be possible for user-defined fields





You are already an FCS customer and have a HEINZELMANN support contract?

>> Then you can download the new version free of charge in the download area you are familiar with. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team!

You do not have a support contract, but would like to use the new version or purchase a module?

>> Our Sales Team will be happy to advise you!


We wish you much efficiency, success and joy with our new HEINZELMANN Service.Desk 5.65!

Your FCS IT Management Solutions Team




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