With the new version of the HEINZELMANN comes this time two new modules and an extension in the LDAP module!

1. Backlog: Agile management of projects and plans and use of the Scrum approach
2.Webform: Integrate ticket registration into your website and edit it directly in the HEINZELMANN
3.Single Sign-On in the LDAP module: Log-In even easier and more intuitive

1. Backlog

Are your processes cumbersome, too expensive or the technology prone to errors? Have new legal frameworks been established that require you to renew something in your company? Or are your customers no longer completely satisfied with your product and have new requirements?
Use the new backlog module to successfully implement your project!

With the new HEINZELMANN Service.Desk module “Backlog” you can immediately manage your projects and plans in an agile way and use the modern SCRUM approach.

  • For this purpose, the tasks to be completed (tickets) are stored in a “backlog”.
  • From this, you simply use drag-and-drop to create matching ticket bundles, so-called “sprints”, which are to be processed to reach a defined interim destination within a specified time period.
  • A burn-down chart indicates when the work will be completed and shows at any given time the remaining effort relating to the remaining time.

This way the project progress is measurable for you at any time!


What is Scrum anyway?

Scrum is a formal set of rules for the collaboration of teams. The Scrum model defines roles, meetings, and various artifacts that support teams to work according to agile principles.


2. Webform

With the new module “Webform” you can now easily integrate the ticket recording into your website and process the generated tickets directly in the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk! 

With the latest extension, HEINZELMANN ticket masks can be easily integrated into an existing website. The contents of the forms or text fields created by you are automatically entered into the Service Desk as tickets and can be processed without any further work steps. You can adapt the fields according to your individual requirements


3. Single Sign-On in the LDAP module

Our LDAP module networks the HEINZELMANN with various directory services. The users don’t have to remember separate passwords or log-ins. The password to log into the HEINZELMANN is already preset, the users only have to confirm. To make the log-in even more intuitive and simple, we have extended the LDAP module with the Single Sign-On function.

What does Single Sign-On mean?

This enables a user, after authenticating himself at a workstation, to access all computers and services for which he is locally authorized from the same workstation without having to log on to each individual service again. If you now call the HEINZELMANN, the log-in step is simply skipped and you can access the desired functions faster.



You are already FCS customer and signed a HEINZELMANN support contract?  

>> Then you can download the new version for free. Please contact our Support or sales department.

You do not have a support contract and would like to purchase the new version? 

>> Our sales team will be pleased to advise you!


We wish you much efficiency, success, and joy with our new ServiceDesk HEINZELMANN 5.61!

Your FCS IT Management Solutions Team


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