The new version 5.10 of the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk comes with two new extensions that make your Service Desk even more powerful. The new ticket types enable improved service management processes. Incidents and service requests, for example, can now be clearly separated or “complaint” tickets are conceivable without having to use a category. In addition, it is now possible for users to evaluate support and support quality.

This is NEW! to HEINZELMANN 5.10:


ITIL processes simply mapped by ticket types

With the new version, the concept of tickets. For example, you can now create “Incidents, Feature Requests, Bugs, Workshop Tickets, Customer Requests” etc. with your own masks and user-defined fields according to your Service Management approach.
It is now possible,

  • …to define your own ticket types and to create your own fields for each type, which will then only be used in the tickets of the respective type.
  • …to use standard fields as well as to add self-named fields.
  • …to define which fields in which ticket type are mandatory fields and which fields are not required.
  • …to define for which user groups the created tickets are visible and by whom they can be submitted or edited.
  • …to select these defined ticket types directly when creating the tickets.


The evaluation of the tickets by the users

The evaluation system gives users the option of giving direct feedback on support and support quality. This is not only ITIL-compliant, but it also helps to improve support processes on a long-term and continuous basis.

  • The evaluation criteria are not preset. You can create your own criteria, depending on the information you require for your quality management.
  • You are also able to specify the sequence in which the criteria are to be evaluated in the query.
  • The user can enter or update an evaluation in each ticket at any time.
  • When a ticket is closed, the user is prompted to give an assessment.
  • Numerous reports allow you to access the rating results.



FCS customers with a HEINZELMANN support contract can now download the version free of charge. Please contact our support or our sales department.

You do not have a support contract and would like to purchase the new version?
Our sales team will be happy to advise you:

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We wish you much efficiency, success, and joy with our new ServiceDesk HEINZELMANN 5.10!

Your FCS IT Management Solutions Team


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