Asset.Desk goes Cloud 2.0!

The new Asset.Desk version extends the inventory of cloud resources and the integration of cloud based software subscriptions.
New features include cloud scanners for Amazon AWS, Hetzner Cloud and G Suite by Google.



Amazon AWS Scanner

An inventory is made of the resources you operate in the AWS Cloud Resources per organization. You define centrally which organizations and which resource types are to be scanned in detail. The scanned AWS resources are then stored in Asset.Desk’s central database and displayed in the familiar management console tree structure.

In particular, the following data is stored

  • of the organizations,
  • the created accounts,
  • of the virtual machines,
  • the App Services,
  • of the storage accounts and
  • scanned the databases of your Amazon AWS Cloud environment.

Asset.Desk connects partners, contracts and cost center affiliation with every organization in the cloud. In this way, for example, costs can be displayed and billed according to the client.


Hetzner Cloud Scanner

An inventory is made of the resources you operate in the Hetzner Cloud Resources per project. You decide which projects and which resource types should be scanned. The scanned Hetzner cloud resources are also stored in the central database of Asset.Desk and displayed in a tree structure of the manager.

In particular, the data

  • of the projects,
  • of the virtual machines,
  • of the storage accounts and
  • the networks of your Hetzner Cloud environment.

With the Hetzner Cloud, one or more contracts, a cost center and the company code as well as a partner and a default service type can also be assigned for allocation per project in Asset.Desk.




G Suite Scanner

The scanner always calls up the latest

  • the SKUs you subscribe to /strong> (software subscriptions),
  • the apps and services available as well as
  • the respective assigned authorizations user accounts from the G Suite Cloud ab.

In Asset.Desk you can always see which employees are licensed for the SKU “G Suite Business”, for example.

Your advantage:

The extension of license management in Asset.Desk for G Suite software subscriptions in the Cloud:

  • In Asset.Desk you assign a license to a G Suite SKU.
  • The license management of Asset.Desk then allows an automatic catalog and license assignment to the authorized users of this SKU.
  • The licenses from the software subscription are included in the license balance without manual intervention.


Other Changes: Additional Evaluation Options

 1. “Enterprise Asset Overview” – Report (EAM Report)

The “Enterprise Asset Overview” combines IT resources, furniture objects and other tangible assets of your company in one report and provides comprehensive information on the entire inventory.

The following identification data is displayed for each asset in the report:

  • Inventory numbers
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • All maintained commercial data
  • All data relating to lifecycle management

The EAM report allows Search, Group, Filter, Print and Data export for all inventoried objects of the company in one report for all customers who manage both their IT objects and their furniture in Asset.Desk.


2. Combine HEINZELMANN and Asset.Desk: Receive an analysis of ticket throughput and ticket events

In the action area “Helpdesk” in Asset.Desk you will now find new evaluations of ticket throughput and ticket events from our service desk HEINZELMANN.

The ticket throughput of a desired month can be evaluated using a column chart. The number of created, closed and still open tickets is displayed. The numbers can be related to the previous month as well as to the total number of tickets.

For the Ticket events (ticket events) there is a new report, including information on ticket, event description, costs, effort, project assignment, supporter and contact / employee per event.



We wish you much success and joy with the new version!

Your FCS-Team


FCS customers with an Asset.Desk support contract can now download the new version free of charge from our download area.
You do not have a support contract and would like to purchase the new version?

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