With the version Asset.Desk 8.9i we have switched on the Turbo. In the new version, you will experience much better performance and a shorter response time of the program at the decisive points. This is especially noticeable for large amounts of data with a large number of clients, objects, and licenses.

We have taken the time to revise important parts of the program for you. This applies equally to working in dialog (user interface) and to the automated services of Asset.Desk.


  Asset.Desk 8.9i  

The main improvements:

  • Processes in manual software mapping have been decoupled so that you no longer have to wait in the dialog. License assignment has also been optimized
  • The setting of group rights and the loading of groups in certain dialogs was outsourced to background processes – short response time behavior at the user interface is the consequence
  • Asset.Desk’s managers, trackers, and services are now true 64-bit applications. This allows you to take full advantage of the 64-bit CPU architecture
  • The Import Service now processes the data in parallel, so that more scan files (remotely or from the agent) can be imported noticeably faster
  • Database queries for reports and lists have been improved and accelerated
  • Dialogs and windows now load the data much faster. The accesses to the data have been optimized
  • Where possible and useful, background processes are started so as not to interfere with the processing and display of the data on the interface


Asset.Desk is prepared for your growth with version 8.9i. This makes Asset.Desk even more valuable and efficient for you. We support you in perfecting your inventory and asset management!

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FCS customers with an Asset.Desk support contract can now download Asset.Desk 8.9i free of charge from our download area.
You do not have a support contract and would like to purchase the new version?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you:

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