Asset.Desk 8.12.1

With the new version, we offer a wizard for flexible data import from csv files – this enables you to connect to your upstream systems on your own. In Lifecycle Management, the new version now provides information about the age of devices and the age structure at any time – this supports you in necessary replacement purchases. And: If you export data from standard reports to Excel, for example, you can also open and examine the file directly here – this saves you the effort of navigating in Windows Explorer.

So look forward to the new Asset.Desk version 8.12.1 – with the latest updates from December 22, 2021!

New features in detail

Import Wizard

Bring data from previous systems flexibly into the system? As a one-time action or regularly? The Import Wizard of the new version 8.12.1 helps you to do this.

With the Import Wizard, you can create your own templates for transferring your data from previous systems. Based on the templates, csv files can then be imported manually via menu or time-controlled.

The wizard guides you step by step through the template creation process. It first reads the source fields from the sample file you specified. You can map these to target fields in Asset.Desk in the wizard’s UI. You specify whether records in Asset.Desk should only be newly created or also updated. Additionally, you can set decimal and date formats. You give the import template a name and a description and define where in the import menu the new template should appear as a menu item. Optionally, you can define whether the source files should be imported regularly on a schedule in “Silent Mode”.

Once created, import templates can also be adapted at any time should the data format of the csv file change.

This means that you now have a flexible tool for importing data from previous systems – without any programming effort!

The Import Wizard is currently limited to the transfer of objects (equipment and furniture) and software licenses. In addition to csv files, it should also be possible to read in xml and JSON formats in future versions.


Hardware age in months

What is the average age of your devices? What does the age look like separately for PCs and servers? Which devices are particularly old? Is replacement indicated? The new version 8.12.1 answers these questions.

In anticipation of further KPIs for measuring lifecycle performance, which we are planning for a subsequent release, the new version already shows the respective age of the hardware in months. It is calculated dynamically based on a maintained “procured on” date on the objects. You can find the age on the object and in the reports. With this KPI you can immediately see the age structure of your equipment. In the reports you can sort by age. When grouping e.g. by object type or location, the average age is also shown. Using the chart functions, the age distribution can also be displayed as a bar chart and pie chart. You can see where action is required for replacement.


Open reports directly during export

Would you like to open the exported file and examine the data directly when exporting from a standard report, e.g. to Excel? This saves effort and is now possible.

Standard reports in Asset.Desk offer multiple export options, e.g. as xlsx or pdf. When you export, you can now specify via a checkbox in the “Save file” dialog that the file will be opened directly after saving. This saves you the effort of first navigating to the respective directory in Windows Explorer after saving, to then open the file from there.


Email notification when objects enter or leave the room (as of release

For additions or removals of objects in rooms, an email notification can now be activated. If one or more objects are brought into the room (access) or if objects are removed from the room (departure), the system sends the emails to the stored addresses. Additions and removals of objects to a room can alternatively or additionally be sent collectively to email addresses on a time-controlled basis.


komXwork document upload with traffic light system (as of release

The interface to the document management software komXwork has been extended by a traffic light system: Via green and red traffic light symbols on the process or document, you can now immediately see whether a process or document has already been successfully uploaded to komXwork or whether this did not work. The upload can then be repeated using the button for the “red” tasks and documents. Asset.Desk and komXwork are now always “in sync”.


Move in tree accelerated (as of release

We have revised and significantly accelerated the moving of objects in the tree. This is especially effective for large amounts of data in large trees.

In addition, as always, there are other minor improvements and embellishments.


Merry Christmas, good luck and efficient asset management with the new version 8.12.1 wishes you

Your FCS Team




On the following >> link you will get an overview of the current Asset.Desk changes (bug fixes and new features) of the last version, as well as a detailed list with all past innovations.




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