We proudly present Asset.Desk 2021 (8.11.0)  

With the new main version 8.11.0 we have set a milestone for the year 2021 and migrated Asset.Desk completely to the new Microsoft platform “.NET 5”. Besides the migration to “.NET 5”, the major version also offers numerous important improvements and enhancements in UI and processing.

The following features and improvements await you in the new version:

  • Complete migration to the new Microsoft platform “.NET 5”.
  • Significant optimizations and enhancements in UI and processing
    • More flexible UI design and state-of-the-art dialogue windows
    • New functions in purchasing
    • More options for user-defined fields
    • Enhancements in licence management
    • Improvements in data protection
    • More options for inventory settings
    • Active Direcotry Loader – no more duplicates from now on
    • Newly developed rights
    • Integration of komXwork – better protection for the interface to the komXwork server
    • Scan of Chromebooks with Chrome OS
    • More performance in image build-up
    • Many more setting options


Ready for the future: .NET 5    

With the new main version 8.11.0 we have set a milestone for the year 2021 and migrated Asset.Desk completely to the new Microsoft platform “.NET 5”.
With .NET 5 as the common successor, Microsoft has merged the three previously separate .NET variants “.NET Framework”, “.NET Core” and “Mono”. “.NET 5” is the common platform for all desktop, web, and mobile applications.
During this migration, large parts of our software Asset.Desk was adapted and modernized. Asset.Desk thus benefits from all advantages and future improvements of the global “Microsoft Core” development and becomes even more modular, even more flexible, even more, performant, and even more secure. The software is thus optimally equipped for the future and prepared for all future scenarios on the desktop, on the web, and on mobile as well as for the integration with third-party systems via web-based interfaces.

Through .NET 5, Asset.Desk also automatically offers the latest operating system dialogue windows in the program, e.g. the current “Open file” dialogue for importing files, which now offers significantly more navigation and intervention options.

For the installation and operation of Asset.Desk, “.NET 5” is now required on the computers. It replaces the previously required “.NET Framework 4.8”.


Numerous improvements and enhancements

In addition to the conversion to “.NET 5”, the main version 8.11.0 also offers numerous important improvements and enhancements in UI and processing.
The newly developed functions in detail:


  • In purchasing, delivery receipts can now also be canceled if, for example, incorrect quantities were entered. Order quantities and order status are automatically corrected and, if necessary, already created objects are deleted again. (Release

User-defined fields

  • The number of columns of the user-defined fields in the dialogue windows is now adjustable. Previously this was fixed in 2 columns. From now on, you can choose between 1 and 6, e.g. to accommodate large monitor resolutions.
  • A user-defined field can now be optionally encrypted in the database. This is useful, for example, if administrative passwords are to be stored in user-defined fields.
  • Furthermore, a user-defined field can now be marked as a hidden field. The content is then displayed on the interface with “*****”, but can be changed to the actual field content via the button.
  • In the contract, the user-defined fields can now also be shown in the assigned objects.

License management

  • Software catalog entries can now be copied. All data is transferred to the copy, including email settings and permissions. This makes it easier to create similar or dependent catalogs.
  • The mapping dialogue of the license management has been extended. The new button “Open in own report” can now be used to view the installed but not yet mapped software in a full-fledged report. This shows above all which unmapped software is installed on which computers. For this purpose, the checkbox “Do not show mapped software” has been added to the report “Installed software”. (Release

Data protection / DSGVO

  • If documents such as transactions, offers, orders, credit notes, contracts, etc. are automatically deleted by the system after the period set for this in the options (e.g. 10 years), the linked documents can now optionally also be deleted at the file level. This considers the comprehensive deletion obligation of the GDPR. To access network directories during deletion, logon information has been added to the options.
  • Considering the GDPR, it is now possible to delete and anonymize employees in Asset.Desk. Technically, in all links to objects and documents that still exist for the employee, the employee is converted to a dummy employee. (Release


  • Numberers can now also be deactivated. In this way, it is possible to work “in parallel” with two number generators of one type, whereby only one number generator of the type can be active at a time. For example, with two number generators of the same type, the separate assignment of numbers for hostname and inventory number (via en bloc) is possible one after the other.
  • The BitLocker display for the device has been extended by the fields “Initialized? (Yes/No), “Encryption method” (e.g. AES 256), “Status encryption/decryption” (e.g. fully decrypted, fully encrypted).
  • From now on, devices can be automatically assigned to the corresponding staff member in Asset.Desk because of the scanned logged-in user. The username is stored in the employee master, e.g. due to the transfer from the Active Directory. For the automatic assignment, a time control has been added to the options. The FCS Asset.Desk Management Service takes over the automatic assignment in the background according to the set time interval.
  • The localization history on the device was extended by the columns: Group sequence, Department, Room, Floor, Building, and Location. This makes the localization history, which documents the moves of an object, even more meaningful.
  • The company code view (company code tree) is now displayed more compactly, as master data groups without content in the tree, e.g. locations without devices, are hidden. (Release

Active Directory Loader

  • When transferring employees from the Active Directory Loader, duplicates are now avoided in Asset.Desk by checking for the e-mail address, first and last name as well as GUID. On the other hand, several employees with the same name can now be transferred to Asset.Desk. (Release


  • New right “Read cost centers (reports)”: With this right, the cost centers are displayed in the reports without the need for a right to the commercial data.

Integration komXwork

For the bidirectional interface to the document management software komXwork, we have added some validations to the settings to better secure the connection via the interface to the komXwork server.


  • All alphanumeric search parameters are now “trimmed” in all dialogues with search options, i.e. spaces are automatically removed. Especially when copying search texts into the search field, blanks are often transferred with them, which are now removed and no longer play a role.
  • Calling the Asset.Desk Manager from the command line is now also possible with the parameters request number and order number (both purchase). The manager then branches directly to the corresponding document (if available). Until now, the call from the command line was limited to the search for inventory numbers.




The FCS Scanner for Android can now also read out hardware and software data from Chromebooks with Chrome OS. Chromebooks are now distinguished as a separate device type in Asset.Desk Manager and displayed with Chrome OS version and platform information. Chromebooks, whose user numbers are growing strongly, can thus be automatically scanned and managed over the entire life cycle in Asset.Desk.


In addition, there are many smaller improvements and embellishments.




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We wish you success and efficient asset management with the new major version 8.11.0 (2021).

Your FCS IT Management Solutions Team




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