The new version of our flagship has a lot to offer!
Asset.Desk 8.10.7 presented:  

  • Improved view of license bundles in the license overview
  • Distribution of your invoices in the object book to cost center by list or percentage using the distribution key
  • Network topology plan with multiple connections for multiple network cards
  • IGEL Scan for 32-bit IGEL zero clients
  • Acceleration of the mass deletion of objects
  • Saving the settings of expandable subtables


Improved view of license bundles in the license overview  

Licenses assigned to a bundle are now displayed in the license overview in a drop-down sub-table. This provides a much better overview, since catalogs that are covered by a bundle license no longer appear directly in the list. 


Allocate invoices in the object ledger to cost center by list or by distribution key    

1. Per List
The costs of an invoice can be manually distributed “via list” to different cost centers. For the same document number, service type, start and end of service and service provider, the proportional costs for the individual cost centers are entered in a list. This could, for example, correspond to the items of the invoice. The system then automatically creates the respective object book entry for the cost center for each line. In this way, for example, the items of a repair invoice can be assigned to the appropriate cost centers and documented in the object book.

2. The percentage using the distribution key
From now on, distribution keys can be created as master data to achieve the percentage distribution of total costs of an invoice to cost centers in the object books. In accordance with the distribution key, the system then automatically creates the proportional object book entries for the cost centers. An example is the percentage distribution of costs for the mail server according to the number of mailboxes used by the cost centers.


Network topology plan now with multiple connections for multiple network data  

Starting with the new version, multiple connections for assets (servers/clients/notebooks) can be recorded when using multiple network cards. These are then also displayed in the topology plan. In this way, for example, the binding of a server with multiple network cards to a switch can be recorded and displayed.
When capturing the ports on the switch, duplicate connections at the source port and destination port are prevented.  


IGEL Scan now also for 32-bit IGEL Zero Clients  

In addition to the 64-bit IGEL thin clients, 32-bit IGEL zero clients from Asset.Desk can now also be read out with the IGEL scanner. The respective operating system architecture (i686 or c64) is displayed for each IGEL in the Manager.


Mass deletion of objects accelerated  

The mass deletion of objects from the tree or for the purpose of disposal has been completely revised and thus considerably accelerated. This gives you a considerable performance gain for your daily work with the system. 


Save the settings of expandable sub-tables

User-defined settings for expandable sub-tables in lists, such as column width, fade in/out, and sorting of columns, are now saved as well as such settings for the main list itself. This allows you to completely customize all lists with subtables.



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We wish you much success and efficient management of your inventory with the new Asset.Desk version 8.10.7!

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