We present Asset.Desk 8.10.10
The new version offers interesting new features!

New functions and improvements:

  • Bidirectional interface to the document management system komXwork
  • Tenders to multiple suppliers – request a quote from one form from multiple suppliers at the same time
  • New import function of payment plans to the (credit) contract
  • Central search fields in the title bar for quick search of data and menus


komXwork interface  

The new version 8.10.10 of Asset.Desk offers a bidirectional interface to komXwork as an optional add-on module.

komXwork is an efficient document management software for modern administrations. komXwork provides additional transparency and structure in operational processes and serves for electronic merging, archiving and management of documents. With the connection to komXwork you can store and manage all your electronic documents, which you create and assign in Asset.Desk, centrally in komXwork. Documents are e.g. your requests for quotation, orders, and delivery bills stored in PDF format or e-mails, letters, notes, pictures, or any other files. This allows you to take advantage of the benefits of capturing and merging your documents in a structured filing system.
Currently, Asset.Desk supports the connection to komXwork in the area of purchasing.

And this is how it works:

As usual, simply drag and drop your documents, e.g. order letters and delivery bills in PDF format, into the document tab of the respective purchasing area. Through the coupling with komXwork, the documents are automatically transferred to komXwork and stored there at the right place in the filing system. With the document, further data, as well as a category, can be transferred to komXwork.

If documents have been filed in komXwork, they will be retrieved from komXwork and displayed in Asset.Desk when the respective process is opened. The documents stored in komXwork always remain linked to the respective purchasing process.

The management of documents in komXwork offers a real added value and additional benefit to the operational inventory and management processes in Asset.Desk.


Tenders to several suppliers

As of now, tenders can be carried out in purchasing: Offers can be requested from several suppliers simultaneously from one form. At the push of a button, the requests for quotations for the various suppliers can then be printed and/or sent directly by e-mail. The offer from the supplier who wins the bid can then be transferred to the order. The system adopts the correct article numbers and prices of the selected supplier.
The price inquiries in the purchasing department are thus improved and accelerated.

Import of payment plans to the (credit) contract

With the new standard import, payment schedules with interest and redemption payments can be imported from a CSV file directly to an already existing contract to Asset.Desk. Besides contract number, payment date, interest, and redemption amounts as well as a payment method, the budget number can also be specified per line in the import file. The budget represents the total debt for credit contracts and has to be entered in Asset.Desk before. The budget number is then used by the system to continuously determine the respective residual debt by subtracting the respective repayment amount from the budget. For each imported line, the system creates a payment plan for interest and repayment for the respective period (e.g. month, quarter) in the contract and determines the payments from it. Thus, all future interest and redemption payments are documented in the system with amounts and payment dates and shown with the respective remaining debt. The expected payments of the imported loan agreements are included in the cash flow analysis.


Central search field in the title bar

Directly in the title bar, you will find a new search field in the Manager as well as in the Tracker for the quick search of relevant data in the system.
Based on the new style of Office 365, Asset.Desk now also offers the central search field already in the title. The search field, which was previously only found in the menu bar, offers the familiar search options in the tree and in the most important data fields.
Also, there is a new field for a quick search for menu items.


In addition, the new version offers numerous minor improvements and accelerations.



You are already an FCS customer and have an Asset.Desk support contract?

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We wish you success and efficient asset management!

Your FCS IT Management Solutions Team




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