Asset.Desk goes Cloud!

The new Asset.Desk major version “2019” inventories your resources in the MS Azure and Google Cloud and extends license management to your software subscriptions in the Office 365 and Azure Creative Cloud.


What makes Asset.Desk 2019 so special?


“Asset.Desk 2019” – License Management for Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud

With the cloud scanner, you can now access your purchased license plans, software products, and authorized users in Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll always see the latest status of your software subscriptions in the cloud. Asset.Desk’s license management allows you to automatically assign catalogs and licenses to authorized users and includes the licenses of your software subscriptions in the license balance.

 Office 365 Licensing

The cloud scanner always retrieves the current license plans you have subscribed to, the available services and the assigned authorized user accounts from the Office 365 Cloud. Asset.Desk always shows you how many free cloud licenses still exist in your software subscriptions.

  Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

Again, the cloud scanner retrieves the software products you have purchased, applications and services included, and the associated authorized user accounts from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Asset.Desk also gives you an overview of the total and free cloud licenses of your software subscription.


License Management for Software Subscriptions in the Cloud

In Asset.Desk you assign an Office 365 license plan or Adobe Creative Cloud product to an Asset.Desk license.
The big advantage: Asset.Desk’s license management then allows an automatic catalog and license assignment to the authorized users of this license plan or product. The licenses from the software subscription in the cloud are included in the license balance without manual intervention.

Asset.Desk 2019 simplifies the administration of cloud subscriptions many times over. The new version extends both inventory and license management to the cloud programs. From now on, all information can be mapped in one system, which enables central management of the complete inventory, all licenses, and contracts in Asset.Desk.



With Asset.Desk 2019 we are entering the cloud age with you.
Our aim is to offer you professional and complete IT inventory, license and asset management!

Your FCS team

We continue to develop for you. Available soon:

  •             Inventory of the Amazon AWS Cloud

FCS customers with an Asset.Desk support contract can now download Asset.Desk 2019 free of charge from our download area.
You do not have a support contract and would like to purchase the new version?

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