Component Management

With component management, you can expand Asset.Desk to manage components, known as configuration items (CI). Using components, your IT resources can be depicted more precisely, configured from components and articles, and captured cost-effectively.

  • Each IT resource can be inscribed of configuration items (components), e.g. network cards, hard drives, software, etc.
  • Fixed configuration states of CIs can be stored in stock lists.
  • When a device is assigned, a device book entry can be simultaneously generated in order to record the component costs of the object.

Stock management

  • Inventory management for components allows you to track the stock of components in your warehouses without any gaps and allows you additional bookings and withdrawals.
  • When a component is removed from a warehouse, a material reacquisition card can be printed.
  • Of course, components that are already assigned can be removed from the equipment and taken back as used parts back into the warehouse.

Exact and detailed component management

Components are based on articles. Their stock list can be completely maintained in Asset.Desk (basic function of Asset.Desk). Component management in Asset.Desk allows you to run an even more detailed asset management of your IT resources and your mobile (Asset.Desk furniture management).

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