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We present to you:

Asset.Desk – The all-rounder for scanning, inventory-, IT asset-, license-, contract- and lifecycle management

Asset.Desk combines technical, organizational and security-relevant commercial information on all company values in one system. Asset.Desk can be individually adapted to the needs of any company by means of numerous additional modules.

The basis for an organized asset management is the inventory of all hardware and software data available in the company, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud, as well as all other assets. Accompany your assets throughout the entire lifecycle, map licenses and contracts in Asset.Desk and add information such as “risk class, protection status or GDPR relevance”.

  • Lifecycle Management and Physical Inventory
    The management of your IT resources or other assets is made much easier with Asset.Desk. They map the entire lifecycle of the assets contained in the database – from acquisition through possible relocation to disposal. This gives you full control over required, existing and used assets as well as costs and compliance. Inventory is also accelerated with Asset.Desk. Assets can be provided with barcode or RFID labels and thus quickly inventoried. This makes manual inventory faster and more efficient. Hardware and software of the IT resources with different operating systems can be scanned remotely or via scan agent simply at the push of a button from a central console.
  • License management
    Asset.Desk is a KPMG-certified SAM tool and ensures that your software is cataloged and a consistent software and license inventory is achieved. Asset.Desk detects over- and underlicensing, to which you can react immediately in order to achieve the necessary compliance with your software suppliers. License management also includes software subscriptions in the cloud, such as Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and G Suite. You can always see how many licenses are in use or available and which user is currently using them. In addition, security aspects of personal and other security-related data can be included for the respective software products. If your systems contain sensitive data, it can, for example, be identified by a risk classification, sorted and clearly displayed.
  • Contract management
    Asset.Desk allows you to manage a wide range of contract types:

    • Purchase contracts
    • Leasing agreements
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Mobile telephone contracts
    • License agreements
    • Subscription contracts

    In the central contract dialog you simply link documents with your contracts, all changes in contract management are thus recorded in a revision-proof manner. Flexible reports also enable overviews of resubmissions, total costs, periodic costs, deadlines, etc. and thus facilitate planning in Contract Management.

  • Conformity with GDPR and BSI standardsAll FCS products comply with the GDPR, which came into force in May 2018. Asset.Desk only records address data, but not any
    other personal data, such as gender, health data, energy data. The data used (e.g. IP addresses) can be displayed and exported by the administrator if required. In Asset.Desk, you can also specify the duration after which documents (including personal data) are to be automatically deleted from the system. For each asset, security-relevant data can be maintained, such as whether GDPR-relevant data is stored on a client or server. In IT asset management, Asset.Desk offers standards for data management that comply with the BSI Basic Protection Ordinance. These standards ensure that all business processes are compliant and that all data is processed correctly.

HEINZELMANN Service.Desk – Manage the ISIS 12 standard with your helpdesk system

The HEINZELMANN Service Desk is what you need from it – a trouble ticketing or helpdesk system that supports employees in documenting and organizing error messages, inquiries, problems or requirements within the company. It is also suitable for all types of tasks that have to be processed, decided and completed in a defined process.

Regardless of whether you are looking for trouble ticketing, an ITSM tool or even full service management, HEINZELMANN’s modular structure adapts individually to the needs and service processes of your company.

  • Workflow
    A new employee joins the company. Before his first working day, however, his colleagues have to work through various steps. For example, an employee ID card must be issued, business cards ordered, an e-mail box created, and a company car approved. If you define the workflow “New employee” once with HEINZELMANN, the process can always run automatically and the tasks reach the responsible employee at the right time. If, while processing a ticket, you determine that a recurring process defined in ITSM must be started, this is also possible at the push of a button if you have mapped the ITSM processes as workflows.
  • ITIL process mapping
    Depending on your service management approach, you can create incidents, feature or service requests, bugs, workshop tickets, etc. with your own masks and user-defined fields. You can use standard fields as well as your own fields. Furthermore, you can define, for example, for which user groups the created tickets are visible, who is allowed to create and edit them.
  • ISIS 12: Support of the standard among information security management systems
    HEINZELMANN covers all the requirements that the 12 points of the ISIS standard place on a service management tool. Identify critical applications, map them in the service catalog and derive corresponding Service Level Agreements. Time-controlled deletion of tickets is also possible by simply defining the period of time for which a ticket may be kept in the system. A service then cyclically deletes the tickets that have exceeded the time period.

Interface monitoring with Security.Desk

Security Desk automatically detects when a flash memory, smartphone or digital camera is connected to a PC via USB or FireWire or when a CD or SD memory card is inserted. You specify what to do: Is the data transfer completely blocked? Is the logged-in user allowed to use the contained data, view only or access only certain file types? In addition, you have the option, for example, to only allow encrypted writing on the data carriers.

  • Sharing and blocking certain storage media and file types
    You define mobile memory releases or prohibitions on the PC based on OUs, groups, users or computers. Certain device types, series or individual devices can always be excluded from the prohibition of use. Release for a time interval or up to a certain point in time is also possible. Security.Desk captivates by its granularity: Thus you have e.g. also the possibility of preventing reading and writing on the stick only for completely certain file types like .exe or doc. Or you can allow only the execution of a specific file on the mobile memory. The use of unwanted programs (e.g. burning software, games, etc.) can also be prevented on the target devices.
  • Shadowing / logging of data and file transfers
    Security.Desk logs all data and file transfers. You can thus always track whether files have been copied, fetched, deleted or renamed on the removable storage devices.
  • Rights management at all levels
    For All Users: The Corporate Policy. Exceptions?
    Then rights are assigned as required at the device, user, group or organizational unit (OU) level. Security.Desk offers a convenient connection to the Active Directory.
  • for this purpose.
  • Temporary release
    All policies persist when a device is disconnected from the network. Mobile users on notebooks can also be granted temporary user rights for the interfaces via code activation, even if the notebooks are disconnected from the network.
  • Protection from bad USB
    Security.Desk offers optimal protection against memory sticks with manipulated firmware (Bad-USB). These secretly log on to the computer as mouse, keyboard or network card and then allow remote control or external use of the infected systems. Such an attack can be prevented by controlling such connections.
  • An Interactive Dashboard
    Graphically display the current status of the Endpoint Security in your network. Which of your clients are protected? Have suspicious actions been performed? If so, where and by whom?
  • Detailed reporting
    Log all accesses to the hardware interfaces and use detailed reports to track who, when and what actions have been taken. Which mobile memories are used by whom and how? The detailed reporting provides information.

Unload your administrators with Install.Desk

When a new employee moves into his or her workplace, your administrators have to perform numerous tasks, such as installing various programs. In addition, they also have to make sure that updates are installed elsewhere and that problems are solved in everyday work.

Install.Desk supports you with automated software installations and updates without affecting your operations. The execution of the installation orders can be determined by yourself – either immediately after execution, at a certain time or after restarting the target clients. If desired, failed jobs can be repeated at any time.

Install.Desk displays the computers in your network environment, even those that are not yet included in the database.
Distribution groups or packages can then be created on the screen simply by dragging and dropping and distribution orders can be created with just a few mouse clicks. On the management console, traffic light functions show which distribution tasks are scheduled, running, or completed. The order history is stored in the history. These results can be evaluated individually, e.g. by time period, target device, installation status or installation job.

  • Software kiosk:
    The web-based software kiosk is a self-service portal for employees in your company. Employees can decide for themselves if and when they want to install which software applications. In Install.Desk, the administrator merely determines which applications are released in the form of jobs or packages for which group of users. The software kiosk runs in any browser, users use their familiar Windows login to access the kiosk.
  • Valnerability management:
    Install.Desk Vulnerability management detects critical vulnerabilities in your IT, such as errors in software that can be used by hackers to access your systems. Vulnerable clients and software in your organization are automatically identified. The system helps administrators define automatic response routines for installable jobs or packages and eliminate risks using CVSS and CVE-certified recommended actions.

Your advantages with Install.Desk

  • Cost savings and less administration effort
  • Uniform Installations
  • Fast system updates
  • Quick System Recovery
  • Installation options outside working hours
  • Central support for decentralised infrastructures

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