Encryption of personal data is compulsory

Today, due to judicial terms, companies are forced to encrypt certain types of information. The German Federal Data Protection Act foresees the duty that companies, which collect, assimilate, or use personal data have to take technical and organizational measures to guarantee privacy protection. Concerning the measures outlined in Section 9 of the Act, encryption of data takes an essential role.

Protect yourself from data loss

However, not only due to legislation should encryption solutions be in a company’s best interest. The damage caused by a lost USB stick with unencrypted, confidential data might be immense.

Every employee who uses a company notebook or carries sensitive data on a USB stick to his home office or to customers may potentially endanger your company. Every loss of data can cause a huge economic impact. Financial losses caused by the loss of competitive advantages or caused by claims for identification or loss of image can occur fast.

That’s why FCS offers different products that protect your data through encryption. Our solution Disc.Secure, for example, puts you in a position to save important data in a container. The Program RemCrypt makes it possible to encrypt removable storage by AES code. The freeware FCS CryptMe! Makes this trio complete. Single data can be encrypted and decrypted directly in Windows Explorer.

Furthermore, you want to save your data during transport, too? Then you can count on our save USB Stick Dr. Falk’s Store O’Crypt! It is only possible to get access to the AES-256 encoded data by entering the right password.

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