Mobile Device Management

Many smartphones and one problem

Smartphones and tablets are part of our everyday life. No wonder that mobile devices are being used in offices (keyword “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD)).
For companies, this is a major security gap, but a general mobile devices ban is neither appropriate nor effective.
More and more companies are turning to a mobile device management solution (MDM), which enables smartphones and tablets to be set up, managed and configured centrally. For example, the IT department can specify which apps are allowed to be used, set security guidelines, resolve problems via remote access, or delete company data.

The huge number of smartphone models, manufacturers and operating systems poses a technical challenge to many MDM solutions. You should therefore ensure that your vendor works closely with the manufacturers of operating systems and devices, to cover a wide range of supported devices.

In addition, you should set up different guidelines for employee groups and distribute to the mobile devices centrally. This allows you to adapt to different requirements of external service employee, such as IT supporters.

We found a solution for you – MobiControl from SOTI

With Asset.Desk and its Mobile Device View, we cover the aspect of inventorying and IT asset management (ITAM) of mobile devices in your company. All relevant commercial and organizational data can be managed in our solution. ITAM is not an MDM – and it should not be.

We have recognized that mobile device management is essential in today’s world. We work together with a strong partner in order to offer you the right solution for the security-relevant side of the management of mobile devices in your company.

MobiControl from SOTI provides everything a powerful MDM solution needs: device provisioning and registration, administration / configuration, security concepts, application management and more. Up to the disposal of the equipment.

For more information about MobiControl, visit our MobiControl product page.

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