Inventory Management

Get yourself an overview!

For a company, stocktaking does not only bring an important overview of their assets and values, but it is also mandatory at the end of every financial year in accordance with article 240 of the German Commercial Code.

As it is expensive and time-consuming to create a new inventory every year, it is advisable to record assets in a database and label them. The best practice approach is to use a software product designed to help you to continuously manage your inventory stock so that it is kept up-to-date with minimal effort and so that all changes are documented.

The sustainable management of your assets is only possible when all inventory items have been itemized.

It is important to think about which assets should be taken into consideration. When it comes to IT assets, it makes sense to differentiate between scannable and non-scannable equipment. Scannable equipment can be found via IP addresses and their hardware and software configurations read automatically. This includes computers, netbooks, and tablets, for example. For many companies, these devices are often the most important assets. Their net worth is high and they can potentially give you further information about what software is installed and really used across your company (see license management).

However, most assets are not-scannable and must be collected manually. This includes office furniture, but also printers, copiers, faxes, etc.

One inventory – so many possibilities!

The results of an inventory are helpful for different purposes. For some company it is enough to have an overview of their assets. If you want to save cost and enable a detailed reporting, it is also useful to collect costs and contracts per device and by cost center and to track their movements in your company.

The detailed software and hardware data of your electronic inventory are the perfect basis for a successful service desk in your company. It supports your IT department with all questions regarding your IT equipment or missing assets.

FCS offers two solutions for your inventory management, which adapt your needs thanks to their modular structure:

Asset.Desk not only supports your company wide management of hardware and software, but also takes the role of managing the whole lifecycles of your IT resources. It offers modern standards for the management of technical, organizational and commercial information of your assets, all in one system. If desired, Asset.Desk can be expanded to include the management of chattels, too. The acquisition of new objects, their movements and inventory control are made almost automatically and procedural.

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